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Eric Weisbrod
By Eric Weisbrod | June 13, 2022
Vice President, Product Management

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Ever heard the word “freemium” before? Sure, you have! That’s what successful companies like Slack, Dropbox, and Spotify used to build their customer base. A company using a freemium model provides basic services on a complimentary basis while also offering more advanced services or additional features at a premium. Freemiums work because they rely on the product to sell itself.
A free subscription is what we’re offering with our award-winning cloud-native quality management platform, Enact®. In this blog, we’ll discuss how Enact adds value to your plant-floor operations, what having a free subscription can mean to your organization, and how Enact stacks up against the competition. We’re confident that once you get your hands on it, use it, and see what it can do for your quality endeavors, you’ll want to purchase it.
So, why are we doing this? Our mission here at InfinityQS is to help organizations of all sizes achieve excellence in quality by providing software, services, and expertise that exceed expectations. We succeed when you succeed. Our experience tells us that when organizations get our software in their hands, and really get a chance to use it, good things happen.
Quality Pros Using Enact

What’s the Catch?

There’s really no catch. As mentioned, classic freemium deals offer you a watered-down version of the product. Just a taste. They want you to see and use it enough to determine that this is something you really want. Free subscriptions are common in the B2C space and are becoming more common in B2B all the time. It’s a proven technique for helping buyers make up their minds about new products.
While it can be fairly direct and easy to evaluate a music subscription (Do I like the way the music is offered? Can I find all the music I like?), or a chat interface (Is it user-friendly and easy to adopt? Is it easy to collaborate with it?), evaluating a quality management software system will, naturally, take more time. Manufacturers are busy. Very busy. And lots of people need to see the software, interact with it, and determine whether or not it will work for their organization before signing off on it. With Enact, you get to use and evaluate it for as long as you like.
It often takes time for a company to complete a full evaluation of any system; and it's often not because the system takes time to configure or is difficult to use. It's because it takes time to coordinate with shop-floor users, juggle resources and priorities, and confirm buy-in from all stakeholders (from shop floor operators to quality personnel, all the way up to management). With the Enact free subscription, you explore at your own pace and find the value in the system that works for you.
Enact on the Plant Floor

This Blog Series

The rest of the blogs in this series contain everything you will want to know about the Enact free subscription. We’ll cover the Quick Setup in detail—hitting the ground running with your first data collection (so, I’ll keep my introductory remarks about it short here). We’ll talk about the Enact environment, in which you can view and analyze the results of your data collection efforts. And we’ll cover Guided Learning, our library of tutorial self-help videos created for your convenience—where you can learn at your own pace.
A few words about each blog coming in this series:

Quick Setup

Enact is designed to be flexible and adapt to the way you work—and the most important thing it needs is your data. This means building your first data collection as quickly and easily as possible. So, we’re starting new users off with what we call "Quick Setup"—a configuration guide that enables you to start using the product right away by asking for a few straightforward pieces of information.
Manufacturing Limits - configured during Quick Setup
Manufacturing Limits - configured during Quick Setup

You can build your first data collection in less than 5 minutes with the Quick Setup.

The Enact Environment

You collect data…so you will want to view the results, right? See how things are doing on the plant floor. In Enact, you view the results on a dashboard (read all about dashboards in Enact in this blog)—and see how your processes are doing. We provide you with  pre-configured dashboards in your Enact free subscription—they are based on the best practices from our years of experience working with manufacturers across many industries. Dashboards help you identify immediate issues, make tactical decisions with real-time data, and identify strategic opportunities based on long-term insights. In short, dashboards are a visual and interactive way to gain insights from your quality data.
Basic Enact Dashboard - Quick Setup
Basic Enact Dashboard - created during Quick Setup
A powerful part of Enact is notifications. Your environment is pre-configured to display notifications for the most common cause for concern in manufacturing—specification limit violations. Through your dashboard, Enact lets you know how your processes are performing and if any values have exceeded the specification limits you’ve set.
With notifications and analysis information at your fingertips in Enact, you can easily keep a close eye on your processes, make adjustment decisions (based on information rather than guesswork) when necessary, and stay in compliance.

Guided Learning

When you're using Enact, you'll always have access to context-sensitive help content by using the “?”—no matter where you are in the software. However, with Quick Setup we wanted to give more guidance to answer questions while you're going through configuration. For example, you'll see links to information about the Quick Setup process as well as more advanced topics and even hands-on exercises to practice concepts before you try them in your environment.
Embedded Links to Guided Learning 
Quick Setup - with embedded links to Guided Learning
Guided Learning is just getting started. Keep checking back because we’ll be adding more information as it becomes available!
Enact Guided Learning 
Enact Guided Learning 

Beyond the Free Subscription

By trying out software before you buy it, there is zero risk to you. All “friction” that may exist toward trying the product is removed. We’re so certain that you’ll see the inherent value of Enact, that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.
With a premium subscription, you can expand to as many licenses as you need (compared to the two licenses provided in the free subscription). Indeed, when the other workers on your shop floor see what those using the free subscription are doing, they’ll want in. And a move to a premium subscription offers you the ability to integrate with external systems using automated data collection (ADC), allowing you to collect measurement values from hundreds of plant data sources—storing them directly in the Enact centralized data repository. Adding ADC to your Enact platform enables you to expand the range of plant processes you can monitor, as well as the types of data you can collect and analyze.


The idea behind offering a free subscription of Enact is just to get the product in your hands. You’ll have an environment that’s ready to go for you—all it needs is your data. Once you build your first data collection, you’ll start seeing the immediate benefits of Enact’s notifications and analysis, as well as the long-term benefits of more strategic analysis using aggregated data.
And best of all, you can do all of this for free! On your timeline. You’ll see why Enact software enables manufacturers to quickly and easily reduce costs, increase profitability, and enhance brand reputation—at an affordable price. Remember, we succeed when you succeed, and we know you’ll succeed with Enact!
Please read the other blogs in this series about the Enact Free Subscription: I encourage you to take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: contact one of our account managers (1.800.772.7978 or via our website) for more information about a free subscription to Enact.

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