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Eric Weisbrod
By Eric Weisbrod | July 11, 2022
Vice President, Product Management

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Generally speaking, powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products remove the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own computers or on servers in their own data centers. This eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance, as well as software subscription, installation, and support. Some SaaS products—like Enact® from InfinityQS®—also offer features that enhance the user experience and make the software product more usable, memorable, and easier to navigate. It’s just another way to make a powerful product even better.
Your free subscription with Enact began with the Quick Setup. It’s a great way to jump right into the software and hit the ground running.
Once you’ve started getting familiar with Enact and are entering data, you’ll want to personalize it by replacing some of the default names and images. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few of those personalization changes you can quickly and easily make within your software—changes that make Enact more “yours” and even more powerful.
You can see an overview of these topics in the Enact Guided Learning.
Enact on the Plant Floor

Process Hierarchy

With the corporate hierarchy feature of Enact, you control data visibility in your system. This can prove to be very useful when your environment contains multiple companies, divisions, sites, or departments.
You may recall from the Quick Setup that the default hierarchy level for processes created fall under “Department.” This can easily be changed.
You can modify your hierarchy names to suit your business, as illustrated below. This will become increasingly important as your deployment expands and reporting becomes more detailed. This simple renaming helps users know what they’re looking at and helps administrators manage the system, matching the names of the divisions, regions, sites, and departments to daily practices.
Corporate Hierarchy - Default Values  Corporate Hierarchy - Updated Values
Changes to Corporate Hierarchy in Enact


You can also personalize Enact by giving it the look and feel that aligns with the type of tasks your employees perform every day. Add images for items such as data collections:
Default Image  

Updating Process Names

Updating Parts images and names
Updating Features images and names
…and users:
Updating User name and photo

And More

You can also add custom work instructions for each data collection. Work instructions written for the task at hand take the guesswork out of data collection (especially for new or fill-in employees)—you can even include links to other documents, etc.:

Work Instructions and Embedded Links  
And you can improve operator focus by limiting the visible processes to the user’s current area(s) of responsibility:
Visibility honed per user  

Event Codes

Event codes are part of the event workflows. Enact’s event workflows capture valuable contextual information that can be used by anyone in your organization to better manage or prevent similar events in the future. In short, event workflows are intended to give guidance and reduce confusion.
They are an invaluable tool for manufacturers with multiple shifts, lines, and products. With event workflows, any group of individuals, such as operators, quality engineers, or supervisors, can be required to take some sort of action based on an event—data and timing violations—and you can require event codes and/or event comments.
Event codes are pre-defined lists of things like root cause, action taken, required maintenance, supervisor/manager event review, etc. Using lists of items ensures consistency, makes it easier for users because they can only select from a preapproved list of items, and allows detailed analysis by event code on a Process Event Pareto. Event comments are just as they sound, free form comments to capture additional information.
You can rename the event codes you use when responding to a violation to reflect your actual work environment:
Enact Event Codes  Select Event Code Name to Rename  Renamed Event Codes 


Taking the time to personalize Enact will go a long way toward improving the usability of the software to suit your organization’s users—and make Enact feel like each individual’s own personal quality platform.
Check out our website to get started with a free Enact subscription today.

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