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By InfinityQS Blog | February 24, 2011
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The decision to change our corporate logo was not made lightly. InfinityQS has a reputation as the industry leader in real-time SPC solutions, so making a change to a well-established brand involves an element of risk.  Our objective was to maintain continuity but illustrate our new and innovative approaches to manufacturing quality control.

Our logo has evolved over the 22 years we’ve been in business. In fact, our name actually used to be “Lyle Kearsley Systems” when we first incorporated in 1989. We changed it to “InfinityQS” several years later because it more accurately reflected what we were providing to manufacturers:  mathematically-based quality systems. (You guessed it—the QS stands for Quality Systems).  Given that our name was now InfinityQS, the mathematical Infinity symbol was the obvious choice of a logo.

We’ve used different versions of the Infinity symbol over the years, but this time, we thought outside of the box to come up with something that reflected innovation. InfinityQS is unique because we not only provide a robust SPC software system, but we’ve developed ways for manufacturers to maximize the value of the data they collect. Our tools for integration and data management make it possible for manufacturers to monitor and control quality not only on their plant floor, but also throughout the rest of their enterprise and supply chain. Complex manufacturing environments are able to collect and combine data from virtually any source and conduct meaningful analyses for quality improvement.   

The possibilities of what businesses can do with our products are virtually limitless. And the quality control function becomes elevated beyond the shop floor to play a more strategic role in cost savings and productivity. And so the notion of “Infinity” is much more than a mathematical concept, but a new way of thinking about quality management and its role within the organization.

We’ve decided to move on from the infinity symbol to something more open and more suggestive. In our new logo, the red arc starts at the beginning of our name and fades into infinity. It’s more conceptual, but still has elements of solid mathematical foundations. One might view the arc as a bell curve representing process capability. Someone with a different perspective might immediately see the motion that the logo suggests as the motion of manufacturing operations.  We’re not going to tell you how you should perceive our logo, because the possibilities are infinite.

As you browse through our new web site, these concepts of innovation and quality playing an augmented role within the organization will come to light in more concrete ways that we certainly will spell out for you. Enjoy.

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