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By InfinityQS Blog | February 4, 2014
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Packaging manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the shelf life of products as well as factors related to convenience. For this reason, the shape, size and appearance of a product’s package is crucial for achieving success.

At the same time, factors such as rising costs of materials, industry mergers and acquisitions and strict FDA requirements throughout the pharmaceutical, medical and food industry have created a strong demand for increased quality control measurements. Packaging manufacturers everywhere are trying to streamline manufacturing processes to stay in compliance with regulations while still remaining profitable and performance-driven.

For this reason, tracking and trend analysis is crucial in the packaging industry. Manufacturers require the ability to produce data that can help improve processes and create consistent products not just in one facility, but across an entire enterprise. Factors such as product thickness, weight, color quality and uniformity are some of the aspects of production that are constantly being evaluated.

In order to assure that packages conform to government regulation and customer expectations, more and more packaging companies are now turning to statistical process control and manufacturing intelligence solutions such as InfinityQS ProFicient. These systems allow packaging manufacturers to take a proactive, data-driven approach to continuous improvement efforts based solely on quality metrics and statistical evidence. Critical attributes can all be measured in real-time and delivered to a quality control hub or mobile device.

Here is a list of some companies that have had recent success by automating manufacturing processes with InfinityQS ProFicient software:

  • Alpha Packaging, which is now able to take preventative action during production across all manufacturing plants
  • Ball Corporation, which now reduces spoilage and controls the cost of materials while monitoring for energy consumption

Are you looking to bring your packing facility up to speed with InfinityQS ProFicient? Please click here to see how your company can benefit from an advanced statistical process control engine with real-time remote transmitting capabilities. 

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