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By InfinityQS Blog | February 13, 2017
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In manufacturing, quality professionals spend most of their time “putting out fires.” Quality Management systems help by providing data about your processes and operational procedures. But all too often, by the time you’re notified of a problem, the damage has already begun. Product is wasted or must be recalled. Production is halted while (often expensive) repairs or adjustments are made. Your company loses time and plenty of money—and the hit to your brand reputation can be an even bigger problem.

Many solutions can help you Band-Aid your quality issues. But the only way to escape the endless “firefighting” cycle is to get out in front of those issues before they become full-blown problems.
In the new white paper “Operational Insight: Information That Drives Excellence,” InfinityQS explains how manufacturers can re-imagine what quality means in their operations and move from
a reactive Quality Management approach to a proactive one. By doing so, manufacturers can reduce or even prevent operational and quality problems—and better yet, they can identify opportunities for strategic improvements that can put them at a competitive advantage.
The white paper explains some of the most pressing issues with standard Quality Management systems and the ways in which most manufacturers are used to collecting and storing quality data. It discusses the advantages of a solution that instead makes data from across all processes and sites readily available and easy to analyze: 
  • Evaluate variances across time to locate and stop potential problems before they start—and to find opportunities to improve quality across the entire enterprise.
  • Centralize and unify data for global access and a big picture view.
  • Get the most out of your existing data by turning it into a powerful, strategic decision-making resource.
With true insight into your operations and quality data, your Quality Management team gains the ability to solve or prevent problems more easily and quickly and help other teams, such as operations and IT, work more efficiently.
To learn how to shift your quality mindset and gain real operational insight, download our free white paper, “Operational Insight: Information That Drives Excellence.”

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