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Greg Matranga
By Greg Matranga | July 7, 2021
Vice President of Global Marketing

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Every year, Frost & Sullivan presents “Best Practices” awards recognizing companies from around the globe, in a variety of markets, for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in all aspects of business, such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and much more. These awards “honor companies and organizations that have accomplished innovative or disruptive breakthroughs.” In other words, they’re publicly highlighting exemplary performance, growth, innovation, and leadership.
Many of their award recipients have “toiled for months and years to make a difference in their industries.” The awards highlight their “outstanding achievement and superior performance.” We here at InfinityQS are happy to say that Frost & Sullivan has recognized our company once again for one of our outstanding products.
Frost & Sullivan analyzed the North American cloud-based statistical process control (SPC) quality intelligence market, and recognized InfinityQS with its 2021 “North American Product Leadership Award.”
2021 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards

Enacting Change

Specifically, Frost & Sullivan focused on Enact® from InfinityQS, our Quality Intelligence platform—for lowering IT and operational barriers. Enact is a cloud-based quality management solution that transforms “dysfunctional data” into actionable intelligence and comprehensive, consistent, unified, and efficient insights to help manufacturers make informed decisions.
Dysfunctional data are data that are either incomplete, inconsistent, isolated, or inefficient. Dysfunctional data inevitably leads to three fundamental operational challenges: impaired operational visibility, uninformed decision making, and quality compliance risks.
Enact addresses the requirements of shop floor operators, site quality management personnel, and corporate quality management personnel, giving them the information they require to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve agility, and attain enterprise-wide consistency.

Actionable Information

According to Sankara Narayanan, Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst: “Using features such as an operator-focused interface, intuitive design, and stream grading, operators can simplify their manufacturing processes. Enact is highly exception-based, allowing users to set up system rules while the platform generates calls-to-action based on these rules. By focusing on exceptions, Enact minimizes distractions, ensuring quick responses to scenarios requiring immediate attention."
I would go him one further: Exception-based reporting is key to empowering manufacturing operators with the actionable information they need to make real-time game-changing decisions that can help transform their operations. Actionable intelligence is comprised of data that are complete, consistent, unified, and efficient—the exact opposite of dysfunctional data. And when we say “complete” we mean that all your manufacturing and quality data are being reliably collected and stored in a way that enables that data to be leveraged by you and your quality people. Leveraging data means that you can create insights from that data—insights into every facet of your manufacturing operations.
Enact - 2021 North American Product Leader

About Enact

Enact is designed to aid optimal shop floor operations, site quality management, and corporate quality management. The platform's role-based dashboard and configurable graphics display key information and tasks, while its simple user interface makes it easy to use. By presenting complex data in a highly accessible, straightforward visual format, the solution expedites action. Operators see the issue, assess the potential impact, and make informed decisions based on reliable information, not hunches.
Furthermore, when an operator moves to a new line, the dashboard changes to accommodate the new work environment (role) and automatically prioritizes data collection and notifications.
Enact Site Quality Management 
For site quality management, Enact eliminates data “islands” by storing data in a centralized and unified data repository. Because the platform is browser-based, information can be made available on any device—be it laptop, tablet, or smartphone—while its responsive design enables manufacturers to use low-cost, solid-state devices that only require a reliable Internet connection. In terms of corporate quality management, the dashboard presents continual enterprise-wide analysis and a high-level summary that identifies potential pain points so clients can prioritize their resources and investments.
"Being cloud-native, Enact is cost effective for companies of all sizes that wish to deploy a solution across multiple sites. The platform is compatible with standard devices, making it an ideal fit for remote workers," says Narayanan. "Overall, InfinityQS has been helping clients transform their business by becoming more efficient, improving throughput, and performing quicker and better-informed operational decisions."
Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: contact one of our account managers (1.800.772.7978 or via our website) for more information.

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