Defects Defects Defects

My company is using ProFicient to collect SPC data and we are learning more about our processes every day.

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Descriptors Gone Wild

Descriptors are powerful tools that are used often when we collect SPC data. They perform many functions including filtering data to a more specific level, assisting in the creation of special...

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The Other Side of the Coin

Have you ever heard of "the flavor of the month?" The phrase refers to "a change that does not last." Sometimes we feel like we invest so much effort in making changes to our processes and at the...

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Customer Success Video: Rainin Instrument LLC

Our team traveled to Oakland, CA for the next stop on our customer facility tour to visit Rainin Instrument LLC. The wholly owned subsidiary of Mettler-Toledo is the leading manufacturer of...

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Multi-Tasking, The Easy Way

Every time you collect data, are you selecting all types of charts and click, click, clicking away before you can even start? Do you have to perform many different types of tests on a sample at...

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