Client Success Video: Schiff Nutrition International, Inc.

Our client tour continues at Schiff Nutrition's award winning manufacturing and distribution facility in Salt Lake City, UT. Schiff Nutrition is a leading nutritional supplement company with a portfolio of well-known brands that includes Tiger's Milk, Schiff Vitamins and Schiff Move Free.

Schiff's previous quality control system was difficult to use and required ongoing customization that hindered real-time response to adverse events. By switching to InfinityQS, Schiff is gaining daily operational benefits for the shop floor and quality team, while in-depth reporting and analysis gives management a clear understanding of how to channel their efforts to optimize production.

In the video, Samir Nagar, director of process engineering, explains how the ease-of-use drove the implementation and added advantages in IT, licensing, startup and day-to-day use.

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