Are You Putting Quality and Manufacturing Operations Data to Work in Your Enterprise?

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By InfinityQS Blog | January 7, 2014
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When raw data are pulled from a manufacturing operation, the data are all but worthless to a corporate executive until they can be converted to intelligence in the form of visualizations and intelligence. While raw data has a ton of value, it is a lot like crude oil in that it has to be refined before the most value can be gleaned from it. After being aggregated, data then needs to be interpreted so that a manufacturing process can be completely understood and so that value can be derived from the process.

Right now, one of the biggest challenges in many manufacturing facilities is the disparity that exists between manufacturing IT and corporate IT systems. Manufacturers on the plant floor need a way to deliver quality metrics in a meaningful way to upper management in order to show progress toward targets, product quality, workflow and profits. For data-driven organizations, sound and reliable metrics are crucial. But, without a proper hub for distributing it throughout the enterprise, then the discrepancy between what you want to see and what you are able to see can become apparent.

When manufacturing operations data are stored in a single quality control hub, such as InfinityQS ProFicient, it becomes that much easier to decipher value from raw data. Data that are placed into control charts for operators, post-op analysis such as box and whiskers for engineers and summarized dashboards for executives then each group can receive valuable intelligence that allows them to optimize their efforts – all from the same dataset. With the proper visualizations, the data that already exists can be much more usable and valuable.

For IT, making raw data meaningful can be major challenge—especially without the right software platforms. Every manufacturing shop can benefit from a solution delivers the right data to the right audience and, even better, gives users access to the information wherever they are on their mobile device.

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