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By InfinityQS Blog | January 9, 2014
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Picture this: a customer is in a rush to get to work but needs to remove a coat of ice from the windshield. So he grabs a new can of anti-ice spray in order to expedite the process. Instead of melting the ice instantly as it’s intended to do, however, the sprayer cap is defective and won’t distribute the juice. At this point you are risking any prospect of future sales as this customer will be late for work and become aggravated about getting ripped off with a shoddy product.

As the above-scenario describes, one of the biggest customer complaints these days occurs when a product does not work in the way that it was marketed. As a consumer, the expectation when you buy a product off the shelf is that the quality is sufficient to accomplish the stated use. Unfortunately, many companies lack the quality control requirements necessary to verify that their products will be delivered as intended—and as a result many companies experience product failures and lost opportunities.

It is the responsibility of manufacturing operations to make certain that this does not happen to your company. That’s because consumers today will flock to social media sites to complain and inform others that the product in question cannot get the job done. This creates a waterfall of negative publicity that can be detrimental to a brand name as if the complaints go viral.

The easiest way to ensure that your company avoids the pitfalls associated with poor product quality is to prevent a defective item from ever reaching consumers. The way to do this is with reliable manufacturing intelligence via mobile technology. When information can be streamed in real-time, it is possible to ensure that a product is safe before it ever hits the market. By backing up the information with traditional market research, companies can gauge customer reactions and prevent issues from happening ahead of time.

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