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By InfinityQS Blog | January 23, 2014
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In today’s competitive and highly-regulated food and beverage market, quality is one of the key drivers of success. Quality control is one of the most important tools for building customer trust and controlling manufacturing costs.

Right now, however, there are many industry-wide challenges related to quality in the food industry. These challenges include supply chain complexities and the need to establish consistency in products as well as the need to overcome barriers related to data storage and reporting. For instance, in the U.S. about 15 percent of seafood is imported, yet only two percent is actually inspected for quality purposes. Enterprises now require advanced solutions for overcoming these challenges in order to meet consumer expectations, which are constantly rising.

To overcome these challenges, Food and Beverage companies seek quality solutions that use data analytics to take the guesswork out of improvement initiatives while meeting industry regulations and delivering a Return On Investment (ROI) as quickly as possible. Companies often come to InfinityQS with specific goals – such as reducing overall, or improving quality reporting – and end up expanding the system to measure and improve the quality of critical processes throughout the organization. InfinityQS’ experience and expertise in delivering automated systems that meet the needs of Food and Beverage companies are added bonuses.

The list of clients InfinityQS has successfully helped achieve quality goals include:

  • Ben and Jerry’s, which successfully migrated from paper based data collection systems to the cloud, and cut report generation time from hours to seconds.
  • ConAgra Foods, which established both consistency and FDA compliance in its production facilities
  • PepsiCo, which implemented global lab data collection and established benchmarking procedures for better consistency

For a more detailed look at how InfinityQS can help your Food & Beverage enterprise achieve its quality goals, please click here.

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