Stop Managing Quality Data; Start Managing Quality Opportunities

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By InfinityQS Blog | January 9, 2017
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As a manufacturer, are you focused on quality or does quality drive your business?

Think these are the same? Not really. It’s the difference between asking “how can I fix this” and “how can I use this?” In the new white paper “Quality Re-Imagined,” InfinityQS explains how this distinction can be the difference between being “good enough” and having a real competitive advantage in your industry.

But making the shift doesn’t happen overnight. To start, you need to find a Manufacturing Intelligence solution that doesn’t just collect data, but brings it together in a central, Unified Data Repository. Once the data is there, it can be shared, sliced, diced–and acted on–in ways you could never do before.
The white paper details what to look for when evaluating Manufacturing Intelligence solutions so that you can move from reactive to proactive Quality Management. Then, learn how: 
  • Quality DataEnterprise Visibility gives you the big-picture view of your operations from end to end — including suppliers, incoming inspection, raw materials, in-process checks from shop floor operators and the quality lab, process data, packaging, and finished products.
  • Operational Insight from enhanced analytics and reporting enable you to apply best practices consistently across all plants, lines, processes, and products.
  • Global Transformation happens when apply your insights to streamline, optimize, and transform processes and operations, across the enterprise in a cycle of continuous improvement.
When you re-imagine quality, you do more than just collect and respond to data. You can mine your supply chain, production lines, and more for actionable insight that sparks continuous improvement — not just for one product, but across entire lines, sites, and operations.
To learn how to do more than just “manage” quality, download our free white paper Quality Re-Imagined

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