What is Enterprise Total Quality Management?

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By InfinityQS Blog | January 14, 2018
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For manufacturers, avoiding disorder should be the top priority to ensure a successful and profitable enterprise. Why? Because disorder leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to product recalls, and recalls lead to major financial losses—not to mention the embarrassment to your organization and stakeholders. Moreover, recalls are dangerous and can create long-lasting and widespread consumer mistrust in your product and company.

Enterprise total quality management starts with quality control principlesIn a perfect world, the goal is to avoid disorder altogether. In the real world, that’s all but impossible given that so many employees, machines, and processes must function in concert at any given time. This requires more than just basic managerial oversight. Further, today’s manufacturing facilities are heavily regulated and prone to frequent government and company audits.
What does this mean to you? It means that you need to implement a quality control solution that will prevent problems before they occur and help you be prepared for any audit.

What is Quality Control?

Quality control is the process of overseeing routine production procedures to ensure the consistency and quality of manufactured goods. Data-driven manufacturing uses quality intelligence, gleaned from data collected by statistical process control (SPC) software, that optimizes processes, reduces cost and risk, and improves consistency and compliance. SPC quality intelligence software transforms a production facility from a disorganized, accident-prone mess into a profit center that gives you an edge over your competition.
How? InfinityQS makes this type of quality control possible by streaming real-time data collection to a central quality control hub. This hub – which can be accessed either from a central server or from a remote location—provides all of the statistics that executives need in order to make necessary, practical decisions in real time.

Enterprise Total Quality Management Benefits the Entire Organization 

Whether shutting down a production line to remove out-of-spec product or reallocating a team of employees, executives will feel confident knowing that they have fresh and accurate data to confidently back whatever decisions they need to make.
The result: increased production, improved quality, reduced costs, and eliminated scrap and rework.


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