Drug Manufacturers Fined after Neglecting Manufacturing Quality Control

On a global scale, the market for prescription drugs is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2016. Drug manufacturers understandably want to do all they can to take the biggest bite they can chew...

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GM to Issue Massive Auto Recall due to Fire Hazard in SUVs

Picture this: you purchase a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer because you like its safety features. And then you are told by its manufacturer, GM, that you cannot park it in your garage—because of a...

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Generate Long Term Sustainability with Manufacturing Quality Control Software

Everyone loves when a promising young band releases a groundbreaking album. But there is nothing sadder than watching that same band flop after such initial success. And instead of analyzing the...

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Should I Move to the Cloud? Is it Right for Me?

There’s a reason why nine out of 10 IT decision makers have a positive opinion toward cloud computing.

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How Walmart Ensures Product Quality Through Traceability

Recently, product recalls have been dominating the news.

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Foster Farms Recalls 6,000 Pounds of Chicken

Consumers aren’t often granted the privilege of seeing what goes on inside of the manufacturing plant where their food is processed. For this reason, food labels are an integral part of the trust...

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Why Statistical Process Control is Necessary for Your Organization

Imagine this scenario: a patient undergoes hip surgery, only to be told that the replacement product that was installed inside of his or her body must be recalled due to a defective feature. Months...

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Mobile Technology Now a Top Investment Priority for CIOs

When it comes to top investment concerns for CIOs, disaster recovery, operational expenses and security all rank very high. But there is a new factor that has worked its way to the top of the list,...

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Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Enterprise Quality Management-Part Two

Does all of the recent talk about the importance of quality control in manufacturing have you scratching your head, wondering how times have changed? After all, up until a few years ago, the...

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How Can I Leverage My SPC Data to Save Money?

Your factory uses ProFicient statistical process control (SPC) software to control the quality of production. Still, the factory is producing an excess amount of waste—and it is starting to...

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ATS International to Utilize ProFicient Manufacturing Intelligence Software

At first glance, it might appear that car, airplane and food manufacturers have little in common. After all, there aren’t many similarities between a frozen burrito and a 747 airliner. But there is...

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What is Manufacturing Quality Control?

Think of the amount of work required to transform a car from a random collection of assorted parts into the assembled entity that it is when it reaches the end of a production line. Cars don’t just...

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Why Does My Coffee Company Need Manufacturing Quality Software?

You’ve seen the commercial: an individual lying in bed, and the only thing that can rouse him or her from slumber is the smell of savory coffee roasting. It goes without saying that coffee...

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Why Your Organization Should Sever Its Ties with Paper

For office managers and employees, the sight of a stack of papers piling up on a desk is an iconic symbol of a nightmare. It usually signifies a very long day—and night—in the office.

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