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By InfinityQS Blog | July 16, 2013
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At first glance, it might appear that car, airplane and food manufacturers have little in common. After all, there aren’t many similarities between a frozen burrito and a 747 airliner. But there is one thing that these different industries all have, and it is the need to produce products that consistently meet regulatory standards and appease a demanding customer base.

After all, a lot more goes into a frozen burrito than you might think. And airplanes require some of the highest regulations that are possible to pass inspection.

So when an organization outsources its business practices to ATS International—an industrial and process automation and IT solution company— to ensure that the products they are making meet high specifications, how does ATS get the job done? With manufacturing intelligence software.

ATS is a massive company that provides services and products across three levels of the automation pyramid (information, control and execution). With 30 different offices spread out over 17 countries, each with its own clientele to monitor on a daily—and nightly—basis, ATS was in need of a consistent approach to managing and reporting quality control. And now, thanks to its partnership with manufacturing quality control software provider InfinityQS, this quality approach is possible.

As a result of the new relationship, ATS will have access to some of the most advanced manufacturing quality control software to date. ATS will leverage InfinityQS’s ProFicient, which provides core real-time production statistics on the interface of a single hub.

The statistical process control (SPC) dashboard has four main components, offering data collection and integration, workflow management, real-time monitoring and analysis and an advanced reporting suite, which can identify areas of waste and find ways to increase manufacturing processes.

“The quality software’s advanced integration capabilities allow our customers to identify new ways to not only acquire and analyze data, but also uncover Manufacturing Intelligence to better facilitate continuous improvement,” says Martyn Gill, business development director at ATS International.

In addition to deploying the SPC software, ATS International will also be allowed to resell the software to manufacturers and facilities across the globe.

To learn more about the strategic partnership, click here.


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