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By InfinityQS Blog | July 26, 2013
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Everyone loves when a promising young band releases a groundbreaking album. But there is nothing sadder than watching that same band flop after such initial success. And instead of analyzing the surrounding musical landscape and making quality changes, the band starts relying on old tricks that previously worked but no longer cease to amaze anyone.

As market demands and technologies are constantly changing, it is up to a business to know when it has gotten too comfortable with their prior successes and needs to start making changes.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, taking a “business as-usual” approach and relying on conventional methods to solve manufacturing problems is very risky. And more often than not, old strategies cannot be used in new situations. Instead, organizations need to employ a granular view of the manufacturing landscape and plan accordingly in order to stay on top.

But these changes, however important, are risky—and therefore should never be done with guesswork. In manufacturing, a company without access to real-time data will start to flounder and look like a band that has reached its creative ceiling due to the fact that it won’t change when things start to go wrong. 

When it comes time to make alterations in production specifications, decisions need to be backed up with the statistical evidence. This statistical evidence is called manufacturing intelligence. And manufacturing intelligence is generated through manufacturing quality control software such as ProFicient by InfinityQS.

ProFicient software is able to aggregate data from plant locations all over the world, giving executives a constant, streamlined collection of information on which key decisions can be made. Because oftentimes, waiting until morning to make a decision is too late. When an executive can observe a change that must be made immediately, and then act on it, decisions can be confidently backed up.

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