How SanDisk Ensures Top Flash Drive Quality Using SPC Software

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By InfinityQS Blog | July 2, 2013
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You have a 20 GB video file that must be transported from your home computer to a remote location. So, for security purposes, you save the file onto a flash drive, where it can be accessed from just about any available USB port. You place complete trust that this small device is of sound quality and will allow for a smooth transition to whatever machine it is plugged into.

But how does SanDisk, the manufacturer of this device, guarantee that your flash drive will work properly? After all, flash drives, like any other piece of electronic equipment, are often predisposed to internal malfunctions. And with something as important as the storage personal information, the margin for error is small.

Consumers have learned to trust the SanDisk name because this flash drive manufacturer relies on statistical process control (SPC) software. By using ProFicient by InfinityQS, executives can oversee all aspects of production.

Before making the switch to InfinityQS’s Proficient software, SanDisk was having a difficult time monitoring production quality. The company was using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to keep an eye on related business practices. However, there existed a need for efficient and accurate oversight with regards to monitoring the actual manufactured products. And the MES system was not designed to handle such a comprehensive job.

Now, SanDisk has access to measured data in real-time as it is produced on the plant floor. And while executives are free to monitor the statistics whenever they want, it does not require constant attention. ProFicient software is equipped with a Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (RAMS). When data begins to arise indicating specific variations, the RAMS system is able to shut down production, create an incident and prepare a report.

Additionally, with such a large amount of data, there exists the need to store and manage it all. Sandisk, therefore, also leverages the InfinityQS Data Management System (DMS) to consolidate all of its data into one location.

According to SanDisk APAC CIO Didier Chavet, the results are already paying off.

“By investing in and implementing InfinityQS,” claimed Chavet, “we have already seen immense benefits. The software has allowed us to attain a ROI much more rapidly than if we had put in the time and money to customize our MES to do something that it was never originally designed to do."

For more information on how SanDisk uses InfinityQS Proficient software to monitor its production, you can read the case study here.

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