Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Enterprise Quality-Part 1

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By InfinityQS Blog | July 3, 2013
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Your supply chain is responsible for supporting your company. And the success of your supply chain—as well as your company—depends heavily on the reliability of each step of the manufacturing process. The problem is that just like real chains, supply chains can break. And when something goes wrong in your production process, how are you going to know where to look to fix it?

Enterprise quality management, or using statistical process control (SPC) software to analyze the whole supply chain, end to end,is your solution to this problem. It takes into account everything from the purchasing of raw materials to the oversight of employees, and provides real-time data as the product is being manufactured.

As explained in an InfinityQS white paper, enterprise quality management allows you to save money by reducing costly waste that accumulates during manufacturing. With the ability to oversee all aspects of production, you will be able to tell when something goes wrong—which will put an end to it before the situation grows.  

Visibility and traceability in production are the two key components that make such oversight possible—especially when viewing the process from a remote location. Visibility refers to the ability to see statistics from multiple locations, on one central screen. While factory management used to mandate a supervisor be directly on site, now results can be seen in real time from anywhere. Trek Bicycle Corp., for instance, manufactures in China—but its headquarters are located in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Traceability refers to knowing where products originate from. For instance, the term “farm to fork” means knowing where and how food is grown before it reaches a plate. Knowing the source of a raw material is a key component to staying on top of issues before they arise.

Also highlighted in the white paper are ways to implement the following strategies to better control the quality of your enterprise:

  • Quicker improvement cycles
  • Better workflow management
  • Million- Way Analytics

For an in-depth look at why organizations are paying attention to enterprise quality management, be sure to check back for our follow up article.



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