5 Painless Ways to Attract Top Manufacturing Quality Professionals

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By InfinityQS Blog | July 26, 2016
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Filling valuable positions for skilled workers is on the forefront of every manufacturing executive’s mind. But despite a clear understanding of the importance of attracting the best talent in your industry to boost your quality efforts, pinpointing tech savvy professionals and positioning your company as the right fit for them is no easy feat.

U.S. Manufacturing could endure an employee shortage of as many as 2 million workers by 2020, according to a Manufacturing Institute study. Manufacturing quality, engineering, and production workers are among the jobs you may struggle to fill in the future. As baby boomers retire from the workforce and make way for millennials, the manufacturing industry seems to falter when it comes to attracting the up and coming generation of workers, whom they need to fill vital skilled labor positions.  

As you look to the future of your organization and your team, how can you attract the best talent?

  1. Provide Tools to Attract Tech Savvy Workers

    As you contend with some of the top manufacturing companies across the globe, staying competitive requires brilliant minds with new, fresh ideas. Millennial workers don’t just want great technology that empowers them to perform at their best, they demand it. Many manufacturers are working to overcome the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with the industry, rebranding themselves as high tech organization filled with opportunity for this savvy, up and coming workforce. Offering an emerging workforce the mobile and tech tools to work efficiently, quickly and on the go is vital to positioning your quality team as technologically advanced and forward thinking. The right manufacturing intelligence software can not only be attractive to up and coming professionals, it can also alleviate the burden associated with training and implementation.
  2. Educate Millennial Workers about the Tech-Manufacturing Connection

    Although manufacturing technology has made significant strides and continues to progress, the connection between manufacturing and technology isn’t easily identified with this emerging workforce. Highlighting your organizations innovation through your branding, operations and hiring process is imperative as you look to attract bright minds to contribute to your quality goals and manufacturing efforts.
  3. Develop Young Leaders That Will Attract Their Peers

    While a large chunk of manufacturing professionals are veering closer to retirement, you’ve undoubtedly already hired sharp employees emerging onto the job market. Take advantage of the employees you’ve got, who will have a larger impact on how to attract their peers. Some manufacturers have established ambassadors within their organizations in an effort to educate other millennials about the perks and opportunities that lie in the industry.
  4. Partner with Local Schools and Create an Internship Program

    Exposing students and young professionals to the manufacturing industry can be a powerful way to reverse some of the misconceptions associated with our industries. In addition, local career centers and schools are often hungry for companies that can support and mentor young professionals with intern programs. Though you may find top talent through these programs, they also allow you to give back to your community.
  5. Put as Much Effort into Retention as Recruitment

    Known by some as a job-jumping generation, millennials sometimes need extra incentive to remain in their positions. Make sure you’re meeting their demands for a more mobile workplace and supporting them with internal mentors as well as regular feedback. Some of the workplace characteristics that are important to millennials include:
    • Collaboration
    • Mobility
    • Technology
    • Training & Development
    • Clear Expectations

    By conveying an authentic association between technology and your brand, you can recruit skilled workers that will bring fresh ideas and carry on the important legacies your retiring employees have championed throughout their own tenure.

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