A "Fresh" Perspective on the Food Supply Chain

ChainLink Research just came out with a new study on the most pressing challenges within the food supply chain. Not surprisingly, quality was high on the list:

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Let’s See Your Toolbar Do This!

The Situation: The shop floor operator is using a basic data entry project, such as the one shown below. When the operator finishes taking measurements for a lot, you would like for him to print...

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Dr. Douglas Montgomery: A Sampling of His Expertise

We recently announced that Dr. Douglas Montgomery will be the Keynote speaker at our fifth annual user conference, Infusion 2011, on October 16-19 in San Francisco. 

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The Top 3 Drivers For Supply Chain Visibility

Over the past several years, we at InfinityQS have seen countless examples of manufacturers who are challenged to improve the quality of the materials coming from the supply chain.  As a...

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