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By InfinityQS Blog | June 27, 2011
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ChainLink Research just came out with a new study on the most pressing challenges within the food supply chain. Not surprisingly, quality was high on the list:

"[Quality] is the inherent expectation across any supply chain: that the products we consume, we use, we fly in, that we rely on for our lives be produced with the highest quality. That is what firms like InfinityQS strive to support for their customers," says Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research.

She continues, "With the Food Safety Modernization Act (a bipartisan legislation) and more focus by international organizations on consumer safety, companies need to take a harder look at their quality processes and systems investments. Going on-demand, ProFicient can ease that investment for their customers by reducing the upfront costs and implementation time."

Another challenge that Grackin mentions is traceability. "Traceability is growing in practice, although it will be a long journey to a fully transparent food supply chain. But the technology community, with SaaS solutions, has made it easier for end-user adoption. Now it’s up to the users to adopt."

What are your biggest challenges in managing your food suppliers?

Read the full report from ChainLink Research.


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