Why Are American Product Recalls Occurring? Part 4

Taking medication has become a routine procedure. Whether medication is prescribed by a doctor or is purchased over-the counter (OTC), consumers oftentimes place complete trust in the fact that...

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The Importance of Quality Control and Improving Customer Satisfaction-- Part 1

You are sitting on a flight that is bound for the United States. You sit back in your chair, and unwrap a turkey sandwich that was given to you by the flight attendant. Finally, a bite to eat—you...

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Manufacturing Quality Control: Toyota Recalls 242,000 Vehicles

If you bought a car four years ago and suddenly got a notice that it was being recalled because of a manufacturing defect, how would you feel? Unfortunately for about 242,000 owners of Toyota Prius...

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How Ben & Jerry's Saves Money while Increasing Customer Satisfaction

You might not think about what actually goes into Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. After all, you know it is powerful enough to send you out to purchase it at any hour of the night. And...

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Why Are American Product Recalls Occurring? - Part 3

It’s a fact of life, we all get sick or injured at some point. When that time comes, we trust medical devices to help restore us to proper health. Whether it is a needle or a nebulizer, medical...

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What Every Manufacturing Leader Needs To Know About The Cloud

With cloud computing becoming the new norm in the market, manufacturing leaders are wise to fully educate themselves and how they can benefit from its services. Below we will examine just a few of...

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The Benefits of Traceability in Different Markets

Traceability can have many benefits in many different market areas from manufacturing suppliers to food industry suppliers, among others.

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InfinityQS Handbook for Quality Metrics Helps Manufacturers Reduce Waste

Think about the amount of waste that your enterprise produces during manufacturing. Whether it is a surplus of metal that winds up in a scrap heap, food or wood, excess waste can add up. ...

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Why Cloud, Why Now?: How to Ease the Burden of your IT Systems - Part Three

Your manufacturing business is growing very quickly.

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InfinityQS to Host Webinar on Benefits of Cloud Technology: Part One

Remember how incredible it was when email first made its way onto a cell phone? Or when the first banking apps started appearing on smartphones? Now, more than ever, mobile technology has become...

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What is a Control Chart?

As a consumer receiving a manufactured good, you might not think twice about the shop floor or manufacturing plant that is responsible for the creation of your delivered good. You probably only...

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How Professional Sports General Managers are Minimizing Risk with SPC

Picture this: a major league slugger cranks 55 home runs and manages to drive in 160 RBIs over the course of a season during a contract year. This is, by all means, a legendary amount of production...

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How the Food Industry Can Benefit From Statistical Process Control - Part One

On Friday evening, you decided to reward your hard work by purchasing a fresh Alaskan sockeye salmon. And as a result, you have been in bed all weekend with a high fever, nausea, muscle aches and a...

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The Demand of Traceability in the Food Industry

At any given moment, you could check the tag on your favorite shirt or jeans or even pair of shoes and be able to trace it back to its original manufacturing country. But have you ever wondered...

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