How Ben & Jerry's Saves Money while Increasing Customer Satisfaction

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 21, 2013
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You might not think about what actually goes into Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. After all, you know it is powerful enough to send you out to purchase it at any hour of the night. And, there is perhaps no other food so readily available with as much pull as this Vermont manufacturer’s ice cream.

But Ben & Jerry’s had a problem. With such a high demand for quality, the company was tasked with finding an efficient method of ensuring that the product met expected standards before being dispatched into consumers’ mouths. However, its process of manually inspecting ice cream had become outdated and costly.  

The ice cream manufacturer was looking for a fast, reliable way to collect and analyze the vital quality data of its product as it was coming off production lines. Ben & Jerry’s needed to find a way to measure the four key product components of volume, weight, amount of added ingredients and level of infused air.

The hunt for a solution led Ben & Jerry’s to manufacturing intelligence expert InfinityQS, a provider of statistical process control software that is used in various industrial applications for quality control and improving production process. Read the case study. As one of the leading products available for monitoring product development, ProFicient uses a process called statistical process control.

Ben & Jerry’s has quickly realized the advantages of using InfinityQS’s groundbreaking software. Some of those chief benefits include:

  • Turnaround time for Quality Assurance reports dropping from eight to 10 hours to merely seconds.
  • Paper usage being cut down considerably.
  • Money being saved.
  • Excess waste avoided.
  • Customers are satisfied.

“By utilizing InfinityQS’ ProFicient to implement SPC and Six Sigma best practices across our manufacturing processes, Ben & Jerry’s will continue to identify opportunities for cost savings and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction,” Nina King, quality supervisor at Ben & Jerry’s said. “The result is the perfect pint for our customers.”

To read the case study in its entirety, click here.

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