InfinityQS to Host Webinar on Benefits of Cloud Technology: Part One

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 11, 2013
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Remember how incredible it was when email first made its way onto a cell phone? Or when the first banking apps started appearing on smartphones? Now, more than ever, mobile technology has become completely integrated into our everyday lives. We regularly transmit sensitive information in our personal lives without even blinking an eye.

So when it comes to mobile technology, there should be no reservations about how we can utilize these devices. We are already comfortable with smartphones and tablets at home, so the transition into the workplace should be seamless.

“We can use today’s off-the-shelf technologies that we are comfortable with in our personal lives and our professional lives as well,” said Doug Fair, vice president of technical services at InfinityQS. “If they are easy to work with at home, they are easy to work with at work as well.”

On June 26, Fair will host a webinar, titled “Going Mobile: How the Cloud and Real-time Data are Changing Manufacturing,” that will explain how cloud technology is the key component to solving the biggest issues facing supply chains. Once businesses learn how much time, money and effort cloud technology saves, the idea of not using it seems just as silly as using pencil and paper to complete business transactions.  The most important message that attendees should take out of the event is the concept that utilizing cloud technology should not be intimidating, but rather an essential part of enterprise quality management. Fair will address several reasons why companies are hesitant to accept the cloud as part of standard business practice. These issues include:

  • Refusal to abandon the use of paper and pencil
  • The ease of storing paper
  • The illusion that paper is inexpensive
  • A reluctance to share data from plant to plant
  • An unwillingness to let go of Microsoft Excel—and an overreliance on it

Be sure to register for Fair’s webinar on June 26 to learn more about how cloud technology can help your organization succeed in today’s market. 

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