The Benefits of Traceability in Different Markets

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 17, 2013
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Traceability can have many benefits in many different market areas from manufacturing suppliers to food industry suppliers, among others.

One of the major benefits for a supplier is the visibility that traceability provides. InfinityQS offers a specialized solution ProFicient on Demand, which uses the cloud to provide real-time statistical analysis and visibility of quality data while products are still at the supplier's facility.

By implementing this solution, a supplier will improve its manufacturing quality control by saving both time and money usually spent on the additional shipping and receiving of defective products. Having visibility into supplier operations and quality programs will help ensure that the products meet requirements, greatly reducing the risk of a defective lot. 

The food industry may experience some of the most benefits due to traceability. Traceability in the food industry will not only hold suppliers accountable for their products, but would also improve quality control by being able to determine exactly where products originated from. 

The ability to retrieve important data such as temperature, light, humidity and cross-storage will play a vital role in calculating remaining shelf-life, optimal usage, and eventually changes in where to deliver certain goods.

The collected data can also provide a quality certification for the buyer of the product. It can also offer important information for the decision making process of where and when to use or ship the product.

Traceability can greatly improve supplier quality management. The final product quality, for any manufacturer in any market is dependent on the company’s supplier product quality. Inconsistent products will ultimately lead to long-term problems costing companies billions of dollars every year.

Having visibility into operations will reduce the risk of defective lots while ensuring your final products meet the necessary requirements.

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