The Importance of Quality Control and Improving Customer Satisfaction-- Part 1

You are sitting on a flight that is bound for the United States. You sit back in your chair, and unwrap a turkey sandwich that was given to you by the flight attendant. Finally, a bite to eat—you relax, and bring the sandwich to your mouth.

But when you take a bite, something pricks you. You immediately taste blood, and spit out none other than a sewing needle that was lodged in your food. Unfortunately, this was a very real occurrence for Delta Air Lines passengers in 2012.

This type of incident is not only extremely concerning but it can also cause catastrophic backlash for companies. And in the customer service industry, it is even worse. Passengers pay hefty price tags to board planes, and they are quick to move onto other airlines when they have a negative experience. In fact, customer airline complaints rose 20 percent in 2012. Complaints typically range from seat comfortability and a lack of space to an overall lack of food quality. And in the aforementioned case, sometimes errors can be horrifyingly dangerous.

With so many things that can go wrong on an airplane, from the food to the engine or landing gear breaking, the need for complete quality control is an absolute must. This is especially important when factoring in the complications associated with products coming in from all over the globe. The bread from a turkey sandwich, for instance, is not going to be made in the same facility that produces the rubber for the plane’s wheels.

ProFicient software by InfinityQS is a solution to this problem. ProFicient allows executives to view every aspect of the production process from a single quality control hub. By doing this, manufacturers are able to access all of the statistics that they need to ensure that the product they are releasing, as a whole, is of sound nature. The process is called statistical process control, and it involves collecting manufacturing data to better gauge the overall quality of their product.

For more information on how you can aggregate data to better increase customer satisfaction, please click here.

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