What Every Manufacturing Leader Needs To Know About The Cloud

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 19, 2013
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With cloud computing becoming the new norm in the market, manufacturing leaders are wise to fully educate themselves and how they can benefit from its services. Below we will examine just a few of the benefits you can expect from the cloud.

Cost Flexibility: By using the cloud, manufacturing leaders can reduce IT costs and move to a pay as you go structure. It helps reduce IT costs by capital expenses to the less expensive operational costs. You will essentially be paying on a pay-per-use model as you’ll pay for what you need when you need it.

Market Adaptability: The cloud allows for a quick response to ever changing customer and market demands and a significantly faster time to market for manufacturers and businesses. This enables for a reduction in overall costs. Manufacturers can also alter products, processes and services at a more rapid rate increasing manufacturing quality control.

Less Operational Issues: Operational issues are something no one particularly likes to deal with. Cloud computing increases consistency, allowing you to deploy the same service repetitively and achieve the same result every time.

Disaster Recovery: When implementing cloud computing services, a complex disaster recovery plan becomes obsolete due to the fact that cloud computing providers handle most of the issues themselves. Not only do the providers handle the problems, but they are able to do it at a much faster rate.

Increased Security- By being able to centralize your key data into the cloud, not only will you enjoy increased security but also a reduction in data leakage. As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) becomes increasingly more popular stolen assets pose a risk, but critical data will reside safely on your cloud hardware.

Upgrade Management: IT staffs are all too aware of the time and cost to upgrade enterprise systems. As a result, upgrades may be delayed or never performed at all making it difficult for companies to take advantage of new technology. With cloud services, upgrades are performed at the server level during off hours, easing the burden on IT while providing more functionality to users.

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