What is Enterprise Quality Management?

For manufacturers, avoiding disorder should be the number one priority for ensuring success. This is because disorder leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to product recalls and recalls lead to major financial loss—as well as embarrassment for your organization and stakeholders. On top of this, recalls are dangerous and create long lasting and widespread consumer mistrust in your product.

The goal is to avoid disorder altogether. But, with so many employees and working parts functioning simultaneously, this requires more than just basic managerial oversight. You need to implement an enterprise quality management solution that will prevent problems before they happen.

Enterprise quality management is the overseeing of routine production procedures to ensure the consistency and quality of manufactured goods. Modern enterprise quality is managed with the use of manufacturing intelligence (MI), which is data collected by statistical process control software (SPC). Manufacturing quality control software is the tool you need to transform a production facility from a disorganized, accident prone mess into the tightly run ship that will carry you to the top of your field.

The reality is that today’s manufacturing facilities are heavily regulated and prone to frequent government and company audits. When you implement enterprise quality management, it means that your organization will never again have to scramble to prepare for a government or internal audit. Executives will know at all times which production plants are in compliance and which are straying from corporate standards. 

InfinityQS makes this type of quality control possible by streaming real-time data to a central quality control hub. This hub, which can be accessed either from a central server or from a remote location, will provide all of the statistics executives need to make practical decisions as they need to in real-time. Whether this requires shutting down a production line or re-allocating a team of employees, executives will feel confident knowing that they have fresh and accurate data to confidently back whatever decisions they need to make.

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