Why Cloud, Why Now?: How to Ease the Burden of your IT Systems - Part Three

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 12, 2013
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Your manufacturing business is growing very quickly. With all of the data that you are responsible for storing on a daily basis, it’s time you address the problem of what you are going to do with it.   Since the demands on your business are not slowing down any time soon, you need to find a manufacturing intelligence system that will grow with you and will not hold your organization back physically or financially. Information Technology hardware is expensive, and it requires a lot of maintenance to function properly. There are cables, servers and PCs to purchase. Cloud computing presents a viable solution for keeping tabs on your manufacturing business. Cloud computing refers to the business practice of removing your company’s data storage systems and keeping your information on a remote server independently managed by a third party. But is it safe to take the responsibility out of the hands of your IT team and redistribute it to an independent organization? As research shows, yes—in fact, companies have never been more confident in cloud computing. It means doing away with expensive and time consuming hardware and switching to a remote, hassle free system with no licensing fees or lengthy installation procedures. And the best part is, you can re-allocate your IT team to better serve your organization as needed.

The cloud is also an ideal solution for companies that are responsible for managing and transferring a large amount of data but have neither the resources nor infrastructure to house an IT team or data storage room. Due to the fact that the only resource required to gain access to a cloud system is Internet access, your needs will be met while ensuring safety and consistently staying well under budget. In other words, when a server crashes, you are not going to have to be responsible for fixing it. Cloud computing does not necessarily mean outsourcing IT but rather outsourcing IT headaches.


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