Why Cloud, Why Now?: The Importance of a Central Quality Hub-Part Two

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By InfinityQS Blog | June 3, 2013
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There is an old idiom that says variety is the spice of life. But as with any spice, when used in the wrong situation it can do much more harm than good. One place where variety does not belong is in your statistical production reports. These reports are the only true way of knowing exactly what is coming off of your production lines and into the hands, or mouths, of consumers. And cloud technology makes this happen.

Cloud technology allows you to outsource the storage of your data to an independent third-party network. But did you know that it can also organize your own manufacturing production data and present a clean report that is both easy to read and accurate? 

ProFicient on Demand software by InfinityQS leverages cloud technology by storing the constant stream of data your organization collects. It streams the data directly to your central quality hub, which means you can access it at any time—without the cost and maintenance of having to manage your own data server.

Enterprise quality management relies on conformity to guarantee success, on both plant floors and in the board room. With such a large volume of goods being made every day, it must be guaranteed that every product meets the same standards—no matter where they are being made.  And the same can be said about the reports that you receive on these products. If your company spends valuable resources ensuring that test tubes being made in Texas are exactly the same specifications as the ones being made in California, why should your reports look any different?

With financial, social and safety concerns all at stake, a central quality hub is what you need to ensure that all of the information that winds up on your report looks the same and follows the same company protocol. ProFicient on Demand by InfinityQS provides the remote hub that you need to do this. And it gives production floor managers the tools that they need to get the information back to you in an acceptable manner.

Your central quality hub can be accessed from a remote location using Windows, Blackberry, Mac, iOs and Android systems. Enterprise quality management, with the help of a cloud, has never been easier.

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