DYK: Timed SPC Process Notifications Ensure On-Time Data Collections

Patrick Wendling
By Patrick Wendling | June 1, 2017
Account Manager, New Client Acquisition
Manufacturing quality professionals know that in-process sampling and quality checks aren’t a “nice to have” option; they are essential or even required for regulatory compliance. Just as important, a comprehensive in-process sampling and quality data collection strategy can be the key to true understanding of process performance. Your sampling and quality data can reveal opportunities for significant improvements in quality, uptime, and deliverability—as well as cost reduction.
However, it’s critical that the checks you require happen on time and in the way you’ve designed them. Fortunately, InfinityQS® offers the ability to schedule timed notifications to ensure that operators collect the data you need at every key stage of your process.

Get the Performance Analysis Data You Need—Simply and Easily

Quality sampling at the end of a run is a common practice; but by the time you discover an issue, you may already have produced a large quantity of defective or unacceptable product. To get the most value from your quality sampling, you need to be sure you’re getting the right information—in time to use it effectively.
As you establish best practices for your sampling program, you’ve likely taken great care to determine which steps in your process require sampling, what to measure, and how often to collect that data. However, operators may not always have your checklist at the top of their to-do list. They have numerous responsibilities, and if they are using a paper checklist or spreadsheet to track checks, those data collections may happen only when the operator gets around to them—or not at all.
Timed SPC process notifications can help ensure sampling and quality checks happen on time, every time. InfinityQS supports timed notifications for users of both ProFicient™ and Enact®.
  • InfinityQS Dynamic Scheduler supports your ProFicient quality solution with a timed checklist for scheduled quality checks. This add-on feature provides users with an easy-to read schedule of the day’s required quality checks in order of the time they are due. At a glance, operators can see what they need to do and when.Timed SPC Process Notifications in ProFicient

    A countdown timer helps operators keep track of each upcoming task—while focusing on production. And when a check is due or overdue, a notification window pops up. You can even configure the tool to notify managers or require operators to select assignable cause codes and take corrective actions if a check is missed.

    If conditions or check requirements change, Dynamic Scheduler can adapt by requesting re-checks, requiring validation of information, or re-assigning tasks.
  • Users of Enact can also view highly targeted data collection information in the Notifications tiles on their dashboards. On work dashboards, users can access four types of fixed tiles, including Notifications and Data Collection tiles, that display the tasks in time order and also are specific for each individual user.Timed SPC Process Notifications in Enact

    The Notifications tile displays all event notifications assigned to the user, including missed data collections, net content control violations, specification limit violations, or statistical violations. Users can see all their upcoming tasks or apply filters to focus on a specific type of task.

    The Data Collection tile displays the data collections the current user can use, based on the user's Access Level, which is controlled by the administrator, and the process responsibility, which is controlled by the user.
Timed notifications make it easier for operators to complete checks and still stay focused on their jobs. In addition, data they enter can be displayed in charts or dashboards immediately. This real-time view helps quality teams spot and correct issues before they become problems.
And when users can immediately see the value they get from data collections, they are empowered to use the information they get proactively. With timed notifications, your whole team can work together to ensure effective quality management.

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