You Have the Software. Now, What About the Training?

Eric Weisbrod
By Eric Weisbrod | June 15, 2017
Vice President, Product Management
You’ve made the decision to roll out a quality intelligence software solution—great! You’ve taken an important first step to enable increased productivity, improved responsiveness, more effective decision making, and (hopefully) greater profits. But it’s only the first step. Without training, you won’t realize the true potential of the software you’ve chosen.
Even the most tech-savvy users are bound to have a learning curve with new software or new features in software they know well. That’s why a solid, high-quality training program is imperative.

The Value of Training

Your organization no doubt spent a good deal of money on its quality intelligence solution. You want to maximize your return on that investment, and that means getting users up to speed and working efficiently with the new system as quickly as possible. Training is the key to achieving that goal.
Training has many benefits for manufacturing operations, where workers already tend to have a lot of exposure to technology. With the right training, you can build on that existing experience in ways that tangibly affect operations:
  • Enable operators and other staff to do their best work.
  • Leverage new functionality, helping employees use software effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure user adoption of new software, so you don’t end up spending a lot of money for a tool your employees won’t use.
  • Help managers see additional or expanded ways to get value from software, increasing your return on investment.
  • Learn how students from other industries, companies, and sites solve the same issues you are facing.

Quality Training from InfinityQS

InfinityQS® hosts a state-of-the-art training center at our Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters. The center provides many options to help your organization maximize the potential that InfinityQS software solutions bring to your manufacturing business:

Classroom-Based Courses 

Classroom training at our training center is an ideal way for administrators and super-users to learn about InfinityQS software. Here, attendees get their own computers, preinstalled with our software, and materials so that they can follow along with the instructor. Training rooms are equipped with a projector, large screen television, and whiteboards, making them ideal for productive training sessions away from the workday distractions of the plant or office.
  • On-site training. On-site training at your location is available, as well. To learn more, contact your InfinityQS Global Account Manager at 800-772-7978.
  • Easy online help. Our online self-help resources provide the answers your team needs after training through access to an intuitive, searchable help system, documentation, technical notes, and articles. For more information, see our Support page.
  • Ongoing consultation. We offer a range of professional services to help you get the most from your InfinityQS software investment.
Training is more than a one-and-done crash course. It’s an ongoing path to continuous improvement and one more way to build value. With InfinityQS, your manufacturing business gets the support of a partner dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your path to re-imagining quality.

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