Old McDonald had a farm

Old McDonald had a farm…O-L-E D-B.  Not the words you had in mind?  It’s okay, by the end of this entry you might never go back to the original!

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Customer Success Video: ATK Aerospace Structures

One of the great things about the customer success tour is learning how every company is able to leverage the power of InfinityQS in a way that improves their specific environment.

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What Makes Super Descriptors So “Super,” Anyway?

When building InfinityQS projects and setting up data entry configurations, sometimes clients are in a quandary on whether they should use some of the pre-defined ProFicient "super descriptors...

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Product Performance vs. Process Control

Remember that early class or seminar you took on Statistical Process Control (SPC)? You know, the one that said if you can learn to understand and control the critical inputs of your process, the...

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