Americans Now Demanding Food Safety Overhaul

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By InfinityQS Blog | March 11, 2014
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Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with the level of food quality in the U.S., as evidenced in a recent Harris Poll report. According to the report, almost three-quarters of Americans believe that there should be more government oversight regarding food safety.

The report goes on to explain that half of those surveyed indicate that they hold the firm that packages and presses food responsible for more health and safety issues in recent years. Further, 19 percent believe that the government should be responsible, while only six percent want food to be as cheap as possible.

One of the most striking parts of the Harris poll is that 61 percent of those surveyed claim to buy as much food locally as possible due to food safety concerns—meaning there is a growing skepticism towards corporations that cannot provide as visibility into food production. These corporations are losing out on profits as smaller, local food competitors are winning over shoppers. This is primarily affecting produce farmers, as 40 percent of Americans are more concerned about the safety of produce than meat and dairy products.

Now, the FDA is implementing several changes to its Food Safety Modernization Act, which will put increased scrutiny on food providers to comply with regulations and compliance issues. As a result, food suppliers of all sizes must comply and detailed evidence that their practices are up to date.

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