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By InfinityQS Blog | March 31, 2014
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Electric industrial corporation Baldor produces power transmission products, drives, generators and motors for 26 plants across the U.S., Canada, England, China and Mexico. These products are sold to distributors and OEMs across over 70 countries worldwide with the guarantee of both superior quality and high efficiency, including Dodge motors.

Baldor takes this guarantee seriously. So recently, the company decided to implement a customer-centric approach to product quality in order to ensure only the highest levels of customer satisfaction. These new quality initiatives included improving gauging and measurement accuracy, decreasing production cycle times, lowering the cost of scrap and making inspections faster and more accurate.

With so many plant locations to worry about, however, Baldor needed an efficient solution for streamlining progress and making sure that each and every item was up to speed. It also needed to monitor quality data around the clock in order to make adjustments throughout the manufacturing process.

As a solution, Baldor took to InfinityQS ProFicient, which uses real-time statistical process control (SPC) software to monitor manufacturing production for inner-ring machining and inner machine driving as well as outer ring grinding, ring roller and face grinding cells. The company created an enterprise-wide quality control mandate, and used ProFicient software to monitor charts and make them to all authorized employees. Total visibility became apparent from the shop floor all the way up to the executive suite.

Baldor’s high profile clients were able to benefit, too. Dodge, for instance, reduced leftover stock in bores and grinding, and improved cycle times by as much as 15 percent per piece. This has yielded a yearly savings of about 2,511 production hours.

For more information about how InfinityQS was able to help Baldor achieve its production goals, and to read the case study for yourself, please click here.

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