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By InfinityQS Blog | March 7, 2017
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On March 1, 2017, InfinityQS hosted its learning event Total Brewing Quality: Re-Imagining Quality in Colorado Brewing to address the unique Quality Management needs of the growing craft brewing industry. 

The half-day event, held in Colorado, attracted 75 attendees representing over 45 craft brewers from across the state. 

According to the Colorado Brewers Guild, which supports the region’s brewing industry with its promotional campaign Colorado: The State of Craft Brewing, “Beer is embodied into the spirit of our state and our passions. It is how we celebrate, reflect, and take time for ourselves.” 

That spirit was certainly reflected at the event; but so was the spirit of professional pride and entrepreneurial drive that compels craft brewers everywhere to strive for the highest standards of quality in their products. 

InfinityQS understands that the importance of quality in craft brewing cannot be over-emphasized. With more than 25 years of experience supporting the quality programs of major Food and Beverage manufacturers across the U.S. and internationally, InfinityQS reached out to the craft brewing community to facilitate a focus on total brewery quality. 

The company spent time before, during, and after the event speaking to attendees about the specific and unique needs of their market. Attendees came looking for information about how to streamline their processes and maintain consistency in products and operations as they grow in this highly competitive environment. 

The challenges are considerable in an industry that deals with a live, highly individual product. Many quality managers shared that they are spending numerous hours each week simply digging through spreadsheets, looking for information about key processes and events. Brewing quality professionals need to be able to quickly identify key information, make sense of it, and understand what actions to take. Having a solution that delivers that key information to them—without requiring a major investment of time or capital—would be transformative to the industry.

InfinityQS, along with brewery partners from Birko and Hach Company, delivered an information program that presented quality from the perspectives of sanitation processes, measurement technology, and quality data management and analysis, and included workshops to facilitate conversation between brewers and industry experts and gather information about key needs for this dynamic market.

You can see the InfinityQS portion of the program, presented by Chief Operating Officer Doug Fair, below.


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