The Top Benefits of Statistical Process Control: Part Two

When it comes to manufacturing operators, too much information is never a bad thing. After all, gaining insight into your manufacturing quality control processes is paramount as it can be just the thing to prevent you from incurring unexpected costs that result from process breakdowns and product issues.

Last week, we explored some of the chief benefits of statistical process control, or the scientific, data-driven method for quality analysis and improvement that allows you to prevent problems from occurring. Today, we explore additional benefits of the process, particularly when it yields the creation of control charts—or charts that visually depict abnormalities in manufacturing processes.

  1. Provides insight for critical stakeholders: From the operators to the engineers to the managers to the end-user customers, control charts offer a variety of information for all the key stakeholders involved in the creation of a manufactured good. Whether it’s providing insight as to whether a process needs to be amended to offering data that can help an engineer improve a process at a later date to granting managers a holistic view of the plant floor, control charts solve a very critical need for a variety of groups tasked with manufacturing quality control as they can make decisions based on concrete numbers as opposed to assumptions. 
  2. Levels the playing field: Without data, oftentimes operators, engineers and managers evolve their skills and methods based on opinions and hearsay. In this case, control charts will likely validate what they have always known to be the truth. However, not everyone is “an expert at reading the tea leaves of their processes,” as Wise puts it and, therefore, these control charts “give the novices and the new people the same set of skills instantaneously.” Control charts not only level the playing field but also validate the truth of what people have known and dispel urban myths about processes.

Recently, we explored a few other benefits afforded by control charts and statistical process control. Check out “The Top Benefits of Statistical Process Control: Part One” for more about control chart advantages.

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