Uncovering the Importance of Quality Metrics for Manufacturing Quality Control - Part One

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By InfinityQS Blog | May 9, 2013
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InfinityQS, the leading provider of manufacturing quality control solutions, prides itself on its ability to not only help manufacturers detect abnormalities and variations before they occur, but to also constantly reevaluate set processes and find areas to improve.

“We want to dispel what we learn in statistics courses; that metrics are driven from the top down,” Steve Wise, vice president of Statistical Methods for InfinityQS, says. “That is how it’s taught but that is not the best way to do it, especially in quality, because you can’t assume that people already know what’s important in terms of quality and how to achieve quality. The story that we tell is that the activities specifically related to quality all need to be linked together and not driven from the top down but rather from the bottom up.”

On May 15 at 2 pm EST, InfinityQS will speak to the importance of rethinking the metric hierarchy, particularly as it relates to quality metrics, during its webinar titled “Quality Metrics—What You Need to Know.”

In addition to outlining the challenges associated with disseminating quality metrics from the top down, the InfinityQS team will also highlight the significance of having a structure for metrics to reside within.

“The starting point is to have all the data located in one place—this concept of a quality hub which the data resides so that people are not keeping the metrics on their own hard drives,” Wise explains. “It all needs to live in that metric hierarchy, in that hub, so that people have access to it and are trained to visit the hub to see what’s going on.”

The hub that Wise refers to combines real-time monitoring and analysis, workflow management, data collection and integration and an advanced reporting suite. It is designed to create a cycle that ensures the control of automated processes while constantly driving to improve the system of operation.

Stayed tuned for part two of this series which will dive into the third part of the webinar—the attributes of a quality metric. To register for the upcoming webinar, click here.

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