Why Cloud, Why Now?: More Than Just Data Storage - Part One

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By InfinityQS Blog | May 30, 2013
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Homeowners are well aware of the feeling when a washing machine breaks, or a tree falls on the house. After all, when you are responsible for your own maintenance, it comes with responsibility. The same is true for companies who manage their own data in private centers, with their own hardware. Storage requires work and money. And, when equipment breaks, the company has to fix it.

By now, you have undoubtedly heard of the term “cloud,” mostly because we are currently witnessing a massive shift in digital information storage. Word is spreading rapidly about the benefits of outsourcing data storage to a remote third-party server.

Are you still in a fog trying to understand cloud technology? Here are some reasons why you should make the switch from housing your own server to housing it in a remote, digital storage solution, such as InfinityQS’s ProFicient on Demand cloud-based software.

See exactly what you are producing

Cloud technology is about more than just data storage. ProFicient on Demand lets you simultaneously observe and manage the production of all of your plants across the globe. By utilizing ProFicient’s method of statistical process control you will receive real-time data on one central quality hub, at any hour, in any location that has Internet access. Just like the original ProFicient software series, ProFicien on Demand allows you to monitor production as it happens so that errors can be recognized before products leave the facility. This will prevent recalls.

Re-allocate your IT team Cloud technology allows you to re-think your IT team. Since their time won’t have to be spent maintaining database configurations, their technological abilities can be better utilized.

Remote access, 24/7 Think of a cloud as a digital locker that you can pull up at any time from any location that has internet access. This means you can access your office network wherever and whenever you need to.

Ensure product conformity from all of your manufacturing facilities

You want to make sure that a product made in Mexico is of the same specifications as a product made in Seattle. ProFicient on Demand gives you the ability to view collective and accurate data as it streams in from all of your facilities.

Check back here next week for two in this series.

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