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By InfinityQS Blog | May 4, 2017
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In today’s globalized, hypercompetitive market, manufacturers face a stiff competitive environment, so they need solutions that can help them find new means of profitability and cost savings, whatever their industry and whatever their size. Scalability and cost-effectiveness are key. But it’s also essential to be able to deliver critical information to a variety of teams.
Meet Enact®, the next-generation Quality Intelligence platform that helps manufacturers turn quality data into actionable intelligence.

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  • Enact standardizes quality data, whether it is collected manually or automatically.
  • Enact users automatically receive quality data and alerts tailored to their roles and responsibilities, on any device.
  • Enact runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, making it compatible with a variety of infrastructures and databases.
  • The SaaS model provides fast, simple scalability and affordability.
  • Enact enables quality and process data from any source to be collected, analyzed, and presented in the context of the actual manufacturing process.
As a result, Enact provides enterprise-wide visibility and actionable intelligence that enables manufacturers to transform their businesses, reducing costs, optimizing yields, and outpacing the competition.
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