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Douglas C. Fair
By Douglas C. Fair | May 25, 2017
Chief Operating Officer
Manufacturing executives are constantly looking for new opportunities as their organizations grow; adding products, lines, and sites; and adapting so that they can compete in a global marketplace. The complexity of all the moving parts in the typical manufacturing organization doesn’t make such discoveries easy, though. 
Through its intuitive dashboards, InfinityQS® Enact® helps manufacturing executives find the critical high-level information they need to provide effective leadership and maximize results from quality improvement initiatives.
Different Needs for Different Users
Executives, floor managers, and line operators all have different information needs. In many quality systems, this means creating specific interfaces or custom reports for each user or user group. But, this isn’t necessary with Enact.
The reusable nature of the Enact software means that users can tailor information delivery without requiring IT to build special interfaces for each user. For example, manufacturing leaders need visibility across the entire enterprise but don’t need to collect data. Line operators need to collect data to gain detailed insight into their line or area of specialty but don’t need the chore of sifting through data from the entire company. Similarly, line operators rely on timely notifications to perform data collections and be alerted when a problem crops up, while the average executive’s inbox is overflowing as it is. Enact meets both these user groups’ needs.
In addition, Enact dashboards give users the benefits of:
  • Viewing aggregate data from many sources and systems
  • Drilling down into data to identify the cause of a problem
  • Customizing notifications based on their needs and job role
Centralized, Consolidated Data for Easier Analysis
Enact’s analysis engines rely on centralizing data in a Unified Data Repository. Quality data is funneled into Enact, and the system stores that data in a standardized format for analysis—a feature unique to Enact. Enact dashboards then turn that data into tailored, useful manufacturing quality intelligence.
Identifying Opportunities for Quality Improvement
The unique, standardized way in which Enact stores data, coupled with the software’s cloud-based accessibility, means that executives can see data from all sources from anywhere that has internet access. With this level of visibility and insight, executives can better determine where the organization’s greatest opportunities for quality improvement lie—and which of those opportunities will yield the greatest benefits. In a dynamic environment with many competing requirements for investment, attention, and resources, Enact helps ensure that leaders can act on quality-improvement opportunities based on priority and cost.
Business leaders can’t manage what they can’t see. The visibility manufacturing leaders get from Enact provides them with the insights they need to transform operations . . . and the enterprise.

Learn more about how Enact customizes each user's view of information to enable faster, better, information-driven decision making.  


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