Re-Imagine the Influence of the Quality Professional

At InfinityQS®, we live and breathe quality in manufacturing, so we are excited to be participating in the ASQ 2017 World Conference on Quality and Improvement.
This year’s conference theme, Grow Your Influence, happens to dovetail with concepts we’ve been promoting all year as we’ve encouraged quality professionals to re-imagine the role and value of quality throughout their organizations.
In today’s manufacturing environment, it’s no longer enough to treat quality as a final checkbox on your to-do list. Manufacturers have learned that they must continually innovate to compete—and continuous improvement requires having the ability to collect data and understand what’s happening across all plants, all lines, and all stages of a manufacturing process.
Of course, that’s easier said than done. For quality professionals who are ready to expand their influence and the influence of quality throughout their organizations, the key is bringing together large volumes of disparate data together in one place — and in a standardized way. Once data is centralized and available for analysis, it is possible to pull out the most important information and reveal strategic operational insights.
Imagine how those insights could transform your role and your company. Quality intelligence lets you
  • make better, data-based decisions;
  • respond to and solve issues faster;
  • look at your historical data to identify – and predict — trends; and
  • establish and measure meaningful metrics that support business goals.
Suddenly, quality isn’t a cost any more. Now, quality is a way to
  • support a culture of quality that touches every employee
  • enable data-based decision making from the shop floor to the board room
  • drive profitability
  • create a true competitive advantage
Quality professionals, there has never been a better time to expand your influence—because quality influences every part of your business.
Join InfinityQS at booth 116 at the ASQ 2017 World Conference on Quality and Improvement and learn about our industry-leading Quality Intelligence solutions, ProFicient™ and Enact®.
Exhibit Details: InfinityQS will give live demonstrations of its Enact Quality Intelligence platform throughout the event. The native-cloud product helps managers and quality professionals easily view critical quality data across the enterprise to help determine how processes are running, where problems exist, and where quality resources should be engaged to generate the greatest economic benefit for the organization. Furthermore, Enact triggers real-time alarms on the shop floor and identifies opportunities for improvement that reduce costs, increase profitability, improve quality, enhance competitive position, and protect brand equity.
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