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James Clevenger
By James Clevenger | September 17, 2020
Director of Professional Services

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InfinityQS’ mission is to help organizations of all sizes achieve excellence in quality. No matter the organization’s size or industry, InfinityQS is committed to helping our clients meet their business goals. We pride ourselves in excellent service, having the answers our clients need (when they need them), and being there every step of the way for our clients. So, you could say we’re goal oriented, driven to succeed, and extremely reliable. That’s InfinityQS...and that’s Professional Services, as well.
With these things in mind, we’ve updated the Support section of our website to better suit our clients’ needs. What I’d like to do with this blog is describe the key changes to the website, why we made those changes, and along the way highlight why the changes are beneficial to you, our clients. Let’s get started.
New Support Section of Website 

Content is Key

In today’s information age, most people (including myself) prefer a quick web search instead of a phone call. Why spend time on the phone when I can get the same answers within seconds by searching for the information on my computer or mobile device?
Speed and convenience were the primary reasons we decided to make the Support section of the website more content focused and include relevant content that you need.
All of this fantastic content about our software and services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

A Step Beyond

We didn't just want to make this content available to you, but we wanted to make sure that it was easy for you to find, especially those support resources that you sometimes need quickly, when you're in a time crunch. Snap your fingers, and it’s there.
And we’ve included some information that we didn’t offer in the Support section of the website before—some of our add-on products that you may not be taking advantage of, and lots of information about our training and the many services we provide.
Quick and Easy Searches

Becoming Experts

Another reason we updated the Support section of our website was to offer ways to help you build your knowledge and expertise in our products. We’ve got tons of information for administrators and super users—information you need to administer and manage your InfinityQS software deployment. It never hurts to have as much in-house expertise as possible, so you can get the most value from your InfinityQS software.
And our Support section will help you save time and effort as you work to solve your issues and get your questions answered.
Solve Issues Quickly


Product support. It comes in two varieties for our software: ProFicient and Enact®, as you can see from the Support site home page. We’ve made things easy by organizing our Support page by product, so that you only see content for the product you’re using.
Support by Product
The general layout of the Support page is improved, as well. We've moved the most relevant content to the top of the page to make it easier for you to find. You can see right here, in the image below, that when I select ProFicient “Get Answers,” common topics for this product are available at the top of the ensuing page right away:
Common Topics 
Here, you can get the answers to our most common support questions without having to pick up the phone or open a support case. How could it get any easier than that?
But, let’s say you came to the Support page looking for something that maybe isn’t included in the common topics at the top of this page. Something for which you may need to search. No problem. Scroll down the page a bit for downloads and documentation, Technical FAQs, upgrade information, and more.
Browse Help Categories

Documentation & Downloads

When you select Documentation & Downloads, you’ll find resources like software installers, user manuals, and reference sheets for ProFicient Advanced, ProFicient Services, and ProFicient on Demand (or PoD, the cloud version of ProFicient).
Documentation & Downloads 
Back on the Help Topic Categories page, notice that we now offer direct access to the ProFicient online help system. This is where you can easily search for great information about how best to use this powerful tool. Let’s check that out.
ProFicient Online Help 
You can look directly through the table of contents and find what you’re looking for…and there’s access to a glossary, which is handy. But let’s say you’re looking for something very specific, like toolbar button commands. Toolbar buttons are a great and super easy way to customize your user experience in ProFicient. Type “toolbar button commands” in the search field and the appropriate results display. So easy to find what you need.
Searching ProFicient Online Help 
In addition to the wealth of info about ProFicient and PoD, and direct access to the ProFicient online help system, we’ve included some value-added content to our Support site, too—beyond what you might consider the normal technical support content. If you go back to the ProFicient Support page and scroll down—past the common topics and help categories sections—you’ll find a host of items that focus on other important resources: things like best practices, how to improve your deployment, popular case studies, Tips & Tricks webinars, white papers, deployment guides, blogs, and more.
Popular Documents and Assets
Popular Blogs

Keep Your Software Up to Date!For ProFicient Owners

One detail we’ve added, specifically for our ProFicient owners, is easy access to previous versions of ProFicient and related information. Let’s take a closer look.
Let’s say you’re searching for a user manual for your version of ProFicient. You would begin by selecting the software and version. The latest installer for the software displays right away.
Just for ProFicient Users 
Down at the bottom of the page you’ll see Change History, User Manuals, Reference Sheets, Tutorials, and even Admin Guides.
Change History and More

Additional Items of Interest

This is where the new functionality of the Support web page gets fun. Have you noticed the little robot icon at the bottom of the page everywhere? He’s asking how he can help… This is brand new functionality—our InfinityQS support bot. Click this icon to ask him questions or tell him about issues you’re experiencing with the website. He’ll give you the information you need to answer your questions or solve your issues. He’s the fastest way for you to get help.
Use the Chat Bot located at the bottom right of your screen 
Let’s try it out. I’ll type in that I’m experiencing an error code “-1” when I launch ProFicient.
Using the Chat Bot 
Let’s see what he makes of that. He searches the archives stored on the database and retrieves the appropriate answer or answers.
In this case, he comes back with five possible answers to my dilemma. This first one sounds a lot like what I’ve been experiencing, so I click on that. And the chat bot brings me into the appropriate place in the help system… here’s the root cause of the error.
Chat Bot Search Results 
And when we scroll down on this page, we can see that the bot has listed additional error codes that we might find useful. Tons of information. Very helpful.
Additional Search Results

Let’s Chat

Let’s say I feel that I need to escalate this to a live Support person. Maybe I need more information than what the bot has retrieved. I would click “No, that didn’t help, show list of topics.” I then simply need to tell the chat bot what application I’m running, and answer a few minor questions, and then I have a new option: I can click Chat with Support and the bot will connect me to a live agent for additional help.
Easy Access to Support 
That was easy. I’m seamlessly connected to, and chatting with, an InfinityQS software Support expert before I can snap my fingers. Finally, let’s look at a few other ways you can contact the InfinityQS Support group…
One option the chat bot gives you is to “Open a Case,” with which you can open a form and submit a support case request. Easy enough. The support bot is a great way to get the information you need in a self-serve manner. But it’s great to know our support experts are always here and just a few clicks away when you need them.

In Closing

We obviously couldn’t show you everything the updates to the Support section of our website have to offer. To learn more about the changes, please check out my webinar on the topic, which gives a full tour.
So, in closing, I’d like to reiterate that our mission here at InfinityQS is to help our clients achieve excellence in quality and meet their goals, whatever they may be, and succeed, no matter what industry they may be in. Our Professional Services team takes pride in having the answers our clients need (when they need them), and being there every step of the way for our clients. And now our Support website can help you with almost any question you may have.
So, we invite you to visit the new Support section of our website and poke around. There’s a lot more to our new Support section than I’ve been able to show here in this short blog. You can find all the information you’ll ever need to answer your questions or help you solve whatever issues you might be well as quick access to our experts when you need them. Thanks for joining me and thanks for using InfinityQS quality intelligence software.

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