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By InfinityQS Blog | November 22, 2011
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we asked our clients what they were most thankful for with regards to their quality control systems. Our goal at InfinityQS is to make our users' jobs easier and help them be more successful, so we wanted to know what they were most thankful for. Here's what they said:

"I'm thankful that we’re moving to ProFicient on Demand. I am thankful for all of Natalia’s hard work with the transition and for Danny’s great training of our team in China. A lot of other people at InfinityQS have put in a lot of time recently to get the transition complete." -- Julie Wilhelm, Trek Bicylces

"I am thankful for the leadership and development team of InfinityQS who have taken a program with foundational beginnings in statistical process control and have evolved it to an important quality and predictive business process excellence tool. ProFicient has liberated data from its commonly misunderstood statistical roots and the unique innovations it offers helps data tell its story more fully. My personal favorite as of late is a classic one: filtering Pareto Charts by major and minor defect groups to justify additional capital investment in uptime continuous improvement opportunities." -- Austin Lin, Procter and Gamble
"This Thanksgiving I pause to give thanks to the entire InfinityQS staff for their unwavering dedication to customer service, Thank you for putting I in IQS." -- Collin Studer, Medtronic

"I'm thankful for the ability to search by descriptors, this seeming small detail has helped my company in so many ways. It has contributed to our continual improvement as well as helping our customers understand our capabilities." -- Creed Fleenor, Auer Precision

"I'm very thankful for every part of your Business that I have encountered-- Sales, Training, Consulting, and Support. I am most thankful that you provide prompt help, via your Technical Support group. Over the past couple years, I have requested help using the SPC program, and that group has always resolved my problems.  Your SPC software has fulfilled our requirements, and your services have exceeded our expectations." -- Hank Kozlowski, Teknor Apex

Creed Fleenor with InfinityQS staff Jennie O'Neal and Britt Reid at Infusion 2011

And a special thanks goes out to all of our clients. We rely on you to help guide the development of our solutions and we've evolved dramatically over the past 20+ years. Happy Thanksgiving!

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