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By InfinityQS Blog | November 15, 2013
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In manufacturing today, consumers have an endless variety of options to choose from when deciding which company to do business with. Consumers will make choices based on a whole host of factors related to personal taste, brand loyalty, cost and efficiency. But as UL showed in its recent Product Mindset of 2013 study, 95 percent of consumers currently believe that product quality is very important when making the overall consideration of which manufacturer to do business with. Unfortunately, they do not believe manufacturers feel the same way.

In fact, 51 percent of consumers currently believe that manufacturers use the lowest cost of product materials regardless of the quality of the product. There is a gap that exists between what manufacturers think are the right production decisions and what consumers perceive as reality.

Using the lowest cost parts might make sense for a company financially. Manufacturing executives are on budgets and do not have the ability to unnecessarily spend on the purchasing of expensive parts to appease customers. Still, there is nothing beneficial about a lack of consumer confidence. As a result, there is a growing need for manufacturers to produce insight into the inner workings of their production processes to prove that the products being produced are of sound quality.

Providing such visibility would serve as a major differentiator and offer a competitive advantage for businesses that utilize it. The question therefore must be begged as to whether or not your manufacturing facility has the necessary tools for providing real-time viewing for the aid of process performance.

Statistical process control software is the differentiator that companies can use to gain visibility and prove product quality to customers. Statistical process control software provides quality metrics on all production processes and streamlines statistics directly to a single quality control hub that can be remotely accessed from any authorized mobile device or plant floor interface. This data can be used to assess product quality at any point throughout the supply chain, which can provide customers with all of the necessary information for making sound judgments on a particular product.

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