Turn OEE into a Portal for Advanced Metrics

The quest for product perfection does not just happen with the snap of a finger. Manufacturing executives need quality insight in order to gauge a realistic view of how automated processes are working. One strategy that manufacturing executives use frequently to gain this quality insight that has been gaining a lot of attention recently is a formula called overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

OEE measures the availability and uptime of machinery, as well as the quality of the products that are being produced. LNS Research recently posted an article, ‘5 Criticisms of the OEE Metric…in 140 Characters or Less’, that shared insight into how manufacturers are looking beyond OEE.  LNS Research breaks down five shortcomings to OEE that prevent it from being a completely accurate way of judging manufacturing quality:

  • OEE cannot be linked directly to profitability in manufacturing
  • OEE does not offer enough dimension to accurately monitor and report on upstream performance
  • Using OEE requires individual inspection of certain variables in order to identify where areas can be improved
  • OEE is not a catch-all solution for manufacturers

Here at InfinityQS, The addition of OEE is a significant enhancement to the already powerful ProFicient InSight Manufacturing Intelligence portal. The new analytics and benchmarking capabilities provide users with drill down OEE metrics backed by the full functionality of our flagship quality and Manufacturing Intelligence platform. These drill-down metrics include features such as chargeback throughput measurement and reports in the form of Pareto charts, box and whisker plot charts and histograms.

Once quality metrics are combined with OEE measurements, then a much clearer manufacturing picture can be gained. Companies can therefore focus their attention only on areas of need and better design manufacturing processes and procedures that are geared toward the single goal - improved profitability.

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