Getting More out of Quality: ASQ Certifications

Douglas C. Fair
By Douglas C. Fair | October 13, 2011
Chief Operating Officer

You may have guessed it, but we take continuous improvement pretty seriously here at InfinityQS. For over 20 years, the world’s most notable manufacturers have been using ProFicient to achieve impressive results by improving process efficiency and reducing production costs.

Our clients’ success has driven us to develop more innovative products and services so they can gain an even better understanding of what’s going on the shop floor and how they can improve quality. To ensure we continue to provide our clients with world class service, InfinityQS support staff participate in aggressive training programs that immerse them into the world of manufacturing quality and the day-to-day challenges of the modern shop floor.

InfinityQS’ senior engineering support technician, Nancy Garcia, recently attained a CQSE (Certified Quality Software Engineer) certification to go along with her CQE (Certified Quality Engineer) status from the American Society for Quality. Anyone who has ever logged a support call with Nancy knows that she is passionate about helping people solve problems. She has a knack for diagnosing and correcting improper quality control practices, improving operational efficiency and helping companies maximize the cost savings of their quality control initiatives.

ASQ wrote an article about Nancy and the value that ASQ training and certifications can bring to an organization. The article states, “For Garcia, her broader view of quality, her newfound understanding of the positive interaction between quality and productivity, and the improved teamwork and communication skills she gained from the certification exam process are invaluable takeaways.”

The article also includes a few client testimonial quotes, including this from Roxanne Naef, corporate quality systems engineer at Fabri-Kal, “I know how difficult some of the requirements are for ASQ certifications, so it’s truly a great achievement to obtain the ASQ Certified Quality Software Engineer certification. It just reinforces why Nancy is one of my favorite people to work with.”

Congratulations to Nancy and the InfinityQS staff who ensure that InfinityQS clients are using our quality control tools in the most effective ways to achieve the best results. Read the full article.

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