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By InfinityQS Blog | October 22, 2013
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Just as in your personal life, sometimes your manufacturing operations need an overall health check. Your current facility, equipment, engineering designs and technology all have a finite lifecycle, and sometimes you need to make some changes in order to get the most production out of your current resources as possible. In your production facility, symptoms appear in the form of problems with manufacturing intelligence. When production variation is detected, it means that something is going wrong within your system that requires fixing. Just like alleviating a health issue requires knowing what caused it, creating a stable production process mandates having an overall awareness into the inner workings of your supply chain.  In its most recent eBook available for download, “The Zen Guide to Manufacturing,” InfinityQS offers executives an inside look at how they can take on a comprehensive approach their production processes. By understanding the root causes of where trouble is arising along the supply chain, downstream processes can be monitored and controlled upstream--- before they become a problem.

So, how do you get started? As the guide explains, one of the most important first steps that manufacturers can take is to shift the mindset away from product output and instead on the process that helps achieve it. This will shed light on disparities that could be occurring during the different stages of manufacturing. Disparities could occur at the root of a product’s source, in your own machines, or during the workflow. Instead of analyzing what went wrong after a product is made, in other words, this approach relies on understanding why a product turned out wrong.

The eBook offers five chapters on the different stages of the Zen manufacturing process: overall awareness, interception, connectivity, enlightenment and nirvana. The process starts by assessing an overall manufacturing process and works up to the end stage, which a complete level of consciousness and control over production.

To access a free copy, and to begin your path towards zen manufacturing, please click here.

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