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Jim Frider
By Jim Frider | June 2, 2022
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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The cloud is the way to go. It’s the wave of the future in manufacturing. Cloud-hosted software systems have grown from niche products to market dominance. As we all know, manufacturing has a history of moving at a glacial rate to adopt new technology. But cloud technology is not new anymore! A pretty compelling argument can be made to switch your manufacturing organization’s quality management to a cloud-based system. And many organizations have already done so.
In today’s changing, volatile manufacturing climate, the cost advantages, power, and versatility of the cloud have become essential to survival. So how about taking it a step further? How about a private cloud of your own? How great would that be?
Private Cloud

Dedicated ProFicient on Demand

InfinityQS is offering Dedicated PoD, a private-cloud version of our powerful cloud-based quality management software, and it’s a totally unique and separate PoD system. And who doesn’t want to spend time on their own private cloud?
In a nutshell, Dedicated PoD supports greater levels of customer flexibility and control, extended functionality and customizations, and minimized validation time and costs—making this subscription ideal for manufacturers in regulated industries or for those that require greater control over their software and its features.
Dedicated PoD

Part of the ProFicient Family of Solutions

Anyone who is familiar with our industry-leading quality management solutions knows that the name “ProFicient” means the best. The on-premises version of ProFicient™ has been in manufacturing facilities around the world for more than 30 years. It is the leading real-time statistical process control (SPC) solution, providing a comprehensive array of SPC tools so you can better understand the performance and capability of your vital manufacturing processes.
And our on-demand version of this manufacturing mainstay is a highly scalable, cloud-hosted rendering. ProFicient™ on Demand (PoD) dramatically reduces implementation time and improves visibility—so you can drive quality improvement initiatives across your entire enterprise.

Top Notch Platform

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, PoD is a comprehensive, real-time quality management solution that helps manufacturers around the world improve products, reduce waste, maintain compliance, and gain the visibility to support enterprise-wide quality initiatives.
While the standard version of PoD shares computing resources across multiple clients, the new dedicated subscription provides an unshared pool of ProFicient application servers dedicated solely to one organization. Subscribers can then create a customized version of PoD that meets regulatory needs and satisfies unique company requirements.
PoD Meets Regulatory Needs

Software Updates

Dedicated PoD subscribers can control the timing and extent of any software updates. While the standard version updates automatically, your Dedicated PoD system will remain unchanged until you reach out and request the update. You might even miss an update or two; it doesn’t matter. You get the updated software when it’s most convenient for you. The accompanying validations are therefore based on your needs, saving time and money.
This level of control is essential in industries that are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations—such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing (the rules are listed in CFR Title 21). Manufacturers in these industries must validate and meticulously manage any changes to their quality software.

Third-Party Software

Do you have some exceptional software developers or administrators on staff who can help raise your quality management game to the next level by using software add-ons or manipulating their environment? Maybe they’re writing data to, or reading data from, their ProFicient database for specific purposes.
With Dedicated PoD, subscribers can integrate third-party reporting or analytics software into the PoD environment.
These custom integrations enable seamless information flow between PoD and other systems—like your manufacturing execution system (MES) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution—ensuring consistent data formats, nomenclature, part numbers, and more. You paid a lot for those systems, so why shouldn’t you be able to integrate with them and get the best ROI out of all your systems? You should.
Dedicated PoD Works with Other Systems

Extended Charting

Charts are a big part of quality in manufacturing. And ProFicient is famous for the wide variety of charts offered. Charts are used in a variety of ways—on the shop floor, operators use them to assess, control, and ensure the consistency of their manufacturing processes. And by so doing, minimize significant changes that often result in sub-standard products.
Dedicated PoD offers users up to 100 charts per project, far beyond the standard 20. Subscribers can also opt to add additional computing resources to enhance system performance and improve the user experience.

Sharing Reports

Many companies would like to be able to automatically email their charts, graphs, or reports. The Dedicated PoD subscription can help you with that. It’s common that managers might not have enough need for their own subscription to a particular software. And that goes for quality management software, too. But if your managers ever wanted a chart quickly emailed to them for analysis, this is how you’d do that. The manager would never need to log into another software application; they would just receive it in their inbox.
Dedicated PoD users can quickly and directly email PoD charts, graphs, and reports to essential non-user team members.
Easily Share Reports with Dedicated PoD


Two ways you can customize with Dedicated ProFicient on Demand:
  • Session timeout settings—customizable timeout settings prevent premature PoD workstation signoff, saving users valuable time on the busy plant floor.
  • Request specialized features—modify existing features or add custom functionality for specific requirements—InfinityQS’ PoD Operations Team makes these requests happen. 

Additional Feature

Dedicated PoD subscriptions also include user-favorite features included in the standard version. Those include support of Single Sign-On (SSO)—favored by many corporate IT departments for standardizing login processes across multiple software applications. PoD users can access the system using their existing corporate login credentials, saving time and effort. Learn more about Single Sign-On in this blog.

In Closing

The cloud has become a must in modern manufacturing, thanks to its speed, flexibility, scalability, and value for the money. InfinityQS is dedicated to helping manufacturers completely transform how they collect, analyze, and use their quality data to optimize products, processes, and operations. Now with the release of Dedicated PoD, every manufacturer in every industry can seize the opportunities of the cloud—without compromising control. Join us and get a “private cloud” of your own!
To learn more about a Dedicated PoD subscription, get in touch with an expert here at InfinityQS.

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