Are Quality Control Methods “Mission Critical” at Your Organization?

Douglas C. Fair
By Douglas C. Fair | November 19, 2020
Chief Operating Officer

Fact checked by Stephen O'Reilly

Houston, we have a problem. In today’s increasingly complex manufacturing environment, continually improving quality control methods is a huge challenge. Produce a product that doesn’t work, doesn’t last, or (worse) causes harm to a fellow human being, and your company could be toast. But even if quality problems don’t force you to shutter operations, the Twitterverse, YouTube, and FaceBook trolls will crush your company’s reputation. One quality control mishap, and your organization’s survival could be at stake.
So, is quality “mission critical” at your organization? Does everyone realize that quality problems at just one plant could place your entire enterprise at great risk? Maybe. If not, your entire operation needs to double-down on the importance of product quality. The aims should be zero defects, minimal variation, and running to target like a finely tuned machine. Not only do your ever-more-sophisticated and knowledgeable customers deserve it, they demand it. And InfinityQS quality management software solutions can help.
Make Quality Mission Critical

Put Quality Control Methods at the Top

Companies that make quality control in manufacturing a priority gain an enormous advantage in the marketplace. Companies that make quality a priority have decreased operating costs, allowing them to either reduce prices to become more competitive, or keep pricing unchanged and reap the extra profit.
When quality is mission critical, companies experience fewer failures, fewer warranty claims, increased customer loyalty…and increased sales.
Because of their exceptional quality reputations, some organizations spend significantly less on marketing and sales efforts. These are the companies that are revered by their customer base because they make the best stuff at a reasonable price. That’s a reputation worth sweating for, worth fighting for. Yep, I’d say that making quality a priority in your manufacturing operations is a big deal.

Beat the Competition with Manufacturing Quality Initiatives

Today’s marketplace is the most competitive we’ve ever seen. And it will only get more so. We all fight for the same slices of pie. Some of us are going to go hungry. No matter what market, no matter what product, no matter what service you’re offering—face it—there are a plethora of competitors fighting tooth and nail for their piece of the action. Do they claim to do the same thing that you do? Probably. But the question is, “at what quality level, and at what price?”
Quality Gives You a Leg Up on the Competition

Make Quality the Reason for Being

If your organization’s primary reasons for being—for throwing your hat into the ring—are quality and customer satisfaction, then it’s likely that you enjoy a great advantage over your competitors. Even if the products you’re selling are identical to your competitors, the services you’re hawking are identical, even if it’s a commodity, it’s likely that the company that is truly focused on quality is going to be able to get the business—either through the ability to negotiate pricing (because of lower organizational costs), or because products and services will stand the test of time.

Make Quality Control Work for You with SPC Tools

What I’m getting at, in essence, is the ability to make quality work for you. With so many competitors in every market segment, one of the greatest differentiators is quality control in manufacturing. In any organization, you’ve got to deploy quality in a standardized fashion and ensure that metrics are being met and goals are being achieved. And you’ve got to stay on top of quality and ensure maximum quality levels 24x7.
The best way to do that is through an SPC-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that can span multiple time zones and help you manage everything in real time. And that’s where InfinityQS SPC tools come in.
Make Quality Work for You

InfinityQS Products

From the manufacturing plant floor to executive management, from suppliers to customers, quality is what matters most. It’s the differentiator that can make or break a company. Depending on your organization’s greatest need, we offer a superior SPC-based quality management software solution to suit you:
  • Enact is an award-winning, cloud-based, real-time SPC solution that provides manufacturers with quality visibility across the entire enterprise—from lines, products, and sites, to entire regions. Enact is user-, budget-, IT-, and mobile-friendly, and enables manufacturers to quickly and easily reduce costs, increase profitability, and enhance brand reputation—all at an affordable price.
  • ProFicient provides ultimate flexibility: it comes in an on-premises and an on-demand (cloud) format. This industry-leading, real-time SPC solution provides manufacturers with an understanding of the performance and capability of their vital manufacturing processes. It provides flexible data collection options, hundreds of unique control charts, advanced alarms and notifications, comprehensive reporting tools, and is highly configurable.
  • ProFicient on Demand is a highly scalable, cloud-hosted quality management software solution. With ProFicient on Demand, sites located across the globe can share quality performance metrics and best practices. Use this capability to help ensure consistent quality and raise overall quality performance across all your sites.
Deploying a Quality System is Easy 

Is Deploying an Advanced Quality Control System a Daunting Task?

Do you often feel that because you have a large organization, or because your company has so many unique features, that deploying a quality system enterprise-wide is beyond your capabilities? Does it seem like just too big a task that it can’t possibly be worth the time and effort?
You’re not alone. Many companies feel this way. But nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that deploying an InfinityQS quality management software solution is fast—it’s one of the primary design constraints for how our software products were made.
There is a preconceived notion, which too many companies have, that striving for quality means that you’re going to create a high-quality product that will appeal to only a small, discerning (and demanding) segment of the population, and offer it to the marketplace. That mindset is thinking “Rolls-Royce” when we should be thinking “Honda.” The Hondas of the world (and you know who they are—companies that produce high quality products we buy at reasonable prices, and we’re always pleased) are committed to quality throughout their organizations. Their products are robust, competitively priced, stand the test of time, and generate customer loyalty. We love the Hondas of the world.
That’s what striving for quality truly means. When we talk about deploying a quality system that transforms your organization, we’re not talking about a daunting task. We’re talking about making your products more reliable, more consistent, and more durable, and at the same time minimizing your warranty costs, claims, and defects, decreasing internal costs, and increasing customer loyalty.
That’s what making quality mission critical means to your organization.
Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: contact one of our account managers (1.800.772.7978 or via our website) for more information.


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